Suggestions for a weekend hill drive from Delhi


Can fellow BCMTians suggest a good hill/mountain drive from Delhi.

The purpose is as much to enjoy the drive in my new nexon, as to enjoy the hill destination. Duration: 2-3 days (weekend) that will include at least one night stay at the destination. I wish to do this within the upcoming 2-3 weekends.

I am fond of trekking, so a short trek at the destination, if possible, will be an added bonus. But this is not mandatory, keeping in view the short duration.

Also looking for fellow partner(s) who wish to accompany me on this trip. They can either come along with me in my car, or drive their own vehicle.



Binsar is a good bet, if you can make do without electricity (supplied for a short duration using generator.)
Yogesh, Binsar sounds exciting and I want to go there. Any highlights about Binsar ?

How does this round trip sound to you, with one night stay at Binsar and next one at Lansdowne ?

Delhi - Binsar - Someshwar - Lansdowne - Delhi



Also Munsiyari seems too long a drive for me to complete in this duration. What are the highlights of Munsiyari by the way ?
Views etc etc
Panchhuli Range
BIrthi Waterfall
Khaliya Top (Small Trek)
Nanad Devi Temple

Log of @Alpha
Holi Getaway: Kausani – Munsiyari – Dharchula – Lohaghat

Winter Drive - Majestic Panchachuli Beautiful Munsiyari

Mama - Bhanja chale Munsiyari

Teasers in my style :-

Morning views of Panchachuli peaks

When we finally met, Munsiyari

Munsiyari - A Photologue

Delhi to Munsiyari in a single day
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You can visit Chaukori if you can drive hard on day 1 as it will take about 14 hours to reach. Chaukori is a peacefull little hill station offering grat views of Nanda Devi and other mountain ranges including Panchachuli peaks. Also, a small trek of a kilometer is nearby where you can see Kasturi Mrig in captivity. You can under take a small drive in the tea estate nearby. Or instead you can visit Patal Bhubaneshwar caves which is about 40 kms away and return back towards Almora.


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You can look for Trithan valley as well. First day would be a good drive say around 10hrs. Second day relax go for small trekking adventure. Third day leave back for Delhi.
Places can be - Banjar, Jibhi, Shoja