Suggestions for car music system


Being a complete noob that I am in this department, I am looking for suggestions to set up the music system for my Wagon R.

Bough the CNG version so, no place for woofer:(
Budget: 15-20k (Should be enough, isn't it?? Flexible if needed, but would like it if it could be fixed in this range)

Suggestions welcome for specific brands or models of players/speakers


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You 'want' a woofer or not?
There are some shallow depth woofers available in market, and they perform almost at par with their standard counterparts.

If you're not so fond of woofers, then for a HU, I'd suggest to pick any one with BT and Reverse Cam compatibility; and if available, touchscreen as well!
If I'm not wrong, I think such HUs are available in 10-12K range. For rear speakers, go for standard 6"x9" ovals from a reputed brand. I'm using JBLs in my WagonR for last 5 years, and they still perform to my expectations. Thump/bass is quite okay for my liking. Priced at about 4-5K for a pair.
For front you can use, 4" (or is it 5" now? :confused:) round speakers. Priced at about 2K.

IMO, with such a setup you'll get decent sound output and lot of useful gadgets.

If you want to use woofer in your setup, be ready to shell out some more money as you'll be requiring an Amp as well!

Happy ICE'ing. :)


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I would suggest below combination for your budget.

Instead of co-axial speakers go for components, as they will sound much better and also give you good mid bass. Install the components on the front doors and power it from the amplifier.

Kenwood 845 or 846 both are 4 channel amplifier with best sound quality in the price range and being a 4-channel amplifier it will give you option of adding subwoofer in future.

Head Unit Pioneer : Rs 6000
Amplifier Kenwood 845 or 846 - 4 Channel : Rs 5000
Components Hertz / Kicker ( Front Door ) : Rs 7000
Amp Kit : Rs 2000
Rear Door 5.5" or 6.5" : Rs 1500

Total : Rs 21,500



And I would recommend

Head Unit - Pioneer, Double Din - ~10k. The advantage here is you can control you IPOd/IPhone with same.
Tweeters - 4 k
Front - 1.5 K
Rear - JBL - 4.5 K

The sound quality/clarity and control is amazing from the above combination.
I am not sure if amplifiers would help for a Wangon-R.


Thanks Sachin, Anubhav and Ashi for the suggestions.
Looking to finalize and have it fitted over the weekend.


Recently Ice'ed buddy's Liva

Pioneer 2-Din head unit with USB was about 7.9K
The car already had 2speakers in the front, we added a pair of JBL's which cost 5K

if you opt for a 1-Din HU, it cost 1.5 to 2k lesser than a 2-din HU


Where in Mumbai are you located? OR let me put it another way, how feasible is it to go to Santacruz to get your install done?
i stay in dombivali and office is in vikhroli. If it is really worth going, might consider. Whats with santa cruz?


What a small World. I bought my Tjet from Balaji in Kalyan last September and my friend who drove the car over to Dilli stays in Dombivili as do several others.

Coming back to Santa Cruz. When I read that your car was a CNG equipped Wagon R a lot of red flags went up. See most car installers, I will say 95% of those out there indulge in a lot of wire cutting and splicing and use inferior quality insulation tapes. In addition they are generally non attentive while making connections etc. and to make matters worse 100% of the 95 percentile get very young inexperienced 'chelas' to do the dirty work of making connections and that in turn leads to or at the very least exponentially increases the risk of shorting, sparking etc and with alternate fuels we are already dealing with increased possibilities of leakages etc. Not saying 'cause of bad quality OE fitments but it is risky at time of refills etc. So one would not want an ICE install that is not done properly.

So unless you know someone who can do this for you without cutting the OE wires, use proper connectors and knows how to do proper soldering etc, I was going to recommend a shop by the name of FM Drive. This place has a wide variety of stuff catering to all spectrums of the market in terms of budget and the intent of the system i.e. SPL (sound pressure loudness) or SQ (sound quality). Further the installers here are quite experienced and use the proper tools for removing trims and wiring etc.

Now since you are not going to be using a sub woofer I would also go ahead and recommend the 'Concept' components and coaxials from a company called German Maestro. GermanMAESTRO - Powered by MAESTRO Badenia & GermanMAESTRO - Powered by MAESTRO Badenia

These need a very small amplifier as they start singing at less than 50W of power and are perfect even with an OE head unit. Further the frequency range ensures that unless one is looking for out n out dhinchak a sub woofer is not missed, well not a whole lot. I have the Alpha coaxials (grade below the Concepts) in my FIAT, powered by a 75W x 2 amplifier which in turn is getting signals from OE HU and who so ever has had a listen have not missed the sub as there isn't one in my car too. The components are listed at approx 15K and you should see a discount of 10% to 15% depending on negotiations and the quantum of the job.

Disclaimer : I am not connected to either FM drive or to German Maestro. However ICE installs in both my cars was done by an installer from this shop but on a private basis unknown to the shop owner. A whole lot of stuff was bought from this shop and I am using German Maestro speakers in one of the vehicles. You must ask the shop to let you listen to the speakers in your car before giving the go ahead for the install.

i stay in dombivali and office is in vikhroli. If it is really worth going, might consider. Whats with santa cruz?