Suggestions for external HDD


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Hi Friends,

I am planning to buy an external HDD for storing photographs.
Numerous options are available from several companies hence confused which one to go for.
So looking from tried and tested suggestions from you guys. Please suggest.
Capacity - 1TB should be good.
Thanks in Advance.


You're planning to buy a small one which you can easily carry around or a desktop one with external power supply?

Also what is your budget?

My suggestion would be to go for the largest drive you can afford. Storage needs grow rapidly, especially if you shoot RAW or video.


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@gkapoor : 1TB will get full in no time. I'd recommend to go for 4TB or more.
With bigger HDDs, your per GB cost comes down tremendously.

If you need only to store your photographs, you may look for any brand. But if you want to access your HDD from anywhere in world, you need to opt for reputed brands only. With an (always-on, unlimited, hi-speed) broadband internet connection, you can access your photographs on your HDD, and also give access to your near and dear ones.
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@Yogesh Sarkar , @SachinOnTop

Need a portable drive wihch gets power from USB itself. Dont need to carry around though. It will sit at home.
Also, dont need to access from anywhere in world.
Budget is not fixed as such. Can spend upto 5K. 2TB should be more than enough for my needs as of now. Will buy one more in future if required.
Also do not want to store everything in one drive- in case it crashes everything will be lost. So multiple drives would be better I guess.
Yes photographs are in RAW format.


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WD Elements 2TB with USB 3.0 is a great buy. I have a 1TB unit (apart from several others) and am satisfied with its overall performance.
I think most 2TBs will fall above 5K, but it's (2TB in 5K+) a great VFM range.

Otherwise Seagate Slim Backup Plus (USB 3.0) is also a very good unit.

Other renowned brands we are using in our offices are Buffalo, Sony and Toshiba.