Suggestions for milky shot in daylight


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Hi friends,

I recently went to Chopta carrying newly bought D5200 with me. With online help I got some knowledge to get milky effects on flowing water. I wanted to capture that kind of shot of Alaknanda river on the way but I failed in the attempt. Reason being, it was broad daylight and on even with the smallest aperture (F29), lowest ISO(100) and low exposure level (-3) at 1/20 seconds the shot was way overexposed. Shutter speed faster than this wasnt giving the milky effect.

Experts pls tell me what to do in such situations. Below is my overexposed shot



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This is precisely why you need ND filters. ND filters reduce light to go to the sensor, it is akin to holding a dark glass in front of the lens. You ideally need the "big stoppers" that is the 9 / 10 stop light cutters to get milky flow of water in broad daylight. Also don't go to smaller than F13 as diffraction ruins sharpness ( akin to squinting your eyes ).

This image was taken with a 16 Stop ND filter , in broad daylight at F11 I got a 4.5 minute exposure



Where is the remote?
I usually suggest people to get round nd filters in 77 mm size. The bigger size ensures that almost all the lenses can be used with step up rings. One hoya multicoated 77 mm ndx400 filter, which cuts 9 stops, should be around 4 thousand. Buy only from reputed dealers as fakes are abundant.