Suggestions for road trip to Jaisalmer

Yogesh Sarkar

I am planning to do a road trip to Jaisalmer next week. We are a little tight on the schedule and thus have come up with this itinerary.

Day 1: Delhi to Jodhpur

Day 2: A little bit of sightseeing in Jodhpur and then head to Jaisalmer.

Day 3: Most likely go for a desert safari (jeep preferred, suggestions please.)

Day 4: Jaisalmer to Ajmer

Day 5: Back to Delhi

I would really appreciate if I can get some suggestions on places to explore in Jaisalmer and also some good food joints.


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You are asking for suggestions?! :eek:

We usually take first halt at Hotel Highway King after Jaipur and before Kishangarh. It'll be on your right while coming from Delhi.
Clean washrooms and well maintained restaurant.

Second halt should be in Byawar or Mertaa. Depends on which route you're taking. Plenty of restaurants on highway in both towns.
Nothing great to mention but for a brief halt, most of them are good.

While coming back, take Bikaner route. Join on NH-8 from Neemrana.
First halt in Bikaner. Almost all restaurants are good enough for a brief halt. Clean washrooms and well stocked kitchens, what else you want!
Second halt on NH-8 just before Gurgaon. No need to mention any specific restaurant. Plenty of options.

Best places to have traditional food in Jaisalmer are:
The Trio
Zoya ka Zaika
Jaisal Italy
Gazi restaurant
and heard a bit about Cafe Kaku.

If wish to get high, visit Govt. Authorised/Approved BHAANG SHOP!!

Yogesh Sarkar

Yes, haven't yet gone further than Jodhpur, so it is uncharted territory beyond it.

We were thinking of skipping Bikaner, since we won't really be able to cover it due to lack of time.

My friend is driving such a long distance for the first time and the fact I haven't driven a car for past 14 years meqne I wouldn't be given a chance to drive it.
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road construction work is going on from barr to jodhpur. road condition is not good in this stretch.
jodhpur-pokhran have awesome road but again after pokhran bypass to jaisalmer is same story, road construction and in very bad condition.

jeep safari is worthless. bone jarring and you would be attentive more to protect yourself than enjoying it.

Try Dechu also. jaisal castle is nice place to watch sunset in jaisalmer but food is horrible.
dunes in khuri are more pristine and clean than ones in sam but khuri might be lun(PK terminology) place.

consider jaisalmer to munabao road trip . It might turn out as most memorable trip.


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construction work is still going on on pokhran -- bikaner road but still good. At places one side is closed and all vehicles go through same side but manageable and Good.
Bikaner -- delhi via jaipur is in very good shape except jaipur -- delhi.

Below road is also good but passes through villages.

If you're planning to take bikaner route then visit kichan for demoiselle cranes. It just 6/7 kms off main road near phalodi. But please check current condition because weather is too warm now.

Yogesh Sarkar

Got recommendation for the follow places to eat at in Bikaner and Jaisalmer from Bhuwan sir.

Bikaner. Suraj Restaurant For local food, Mangodi ki sabzi, gatte ki sabzi. Gond pak n Bikaneri bhujia at Bhikharam Chandmal.

Try bhang lassi at Jaisalmer, also a very famous sweet at Bhati sweets. The name starts with G, main naam bhool gaya.Shayad Gheevonda.


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This route from Bikaner to Jaisalmer is in complete mess due to road construction. - Google Maps
Try any alternate route and you'd be better off.

While in Bikaner, Try ice creams at Vardhman.

I'd suggest you save more time for Jaisalmer as its quite an experience to soak into the golden city.
For sand dunes, try Khuri ,which I've heard is more non-touristy than Sam (havent been to Sam myself) . In case you're going to Tanot, try your luck with the BSF post at the temple for permission to visit the border.(formal process is to get it via BSF headquarters in Jailsalmer)

If you have only few hours to spare after sightseeing in the city ,you could visit Kuldhara (can be done in 2-3 hours max)