Suggestions Required: Unexplored Kashmir (Gurez, Warwan, etc)

ravi srivastava

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Hi Fellow Travellers,

I'm back with my travel itinerary questions.
I've planned a solo ride to the less-explored parts of kashmir and would like some suggestions from the guys who have explored that area. Here's the itinerary,

Day 1: Noida - Jammu
Day 2: Jammu -Peer ki Gali - Aharbal waterfalls
Day 3: Aharbal - Chandigam(lolab)
Day 4: Chandigam - Dawar(Gurez) - ShekPora - Niru(Tulail Valley) - Dawar
Day 5: Dawar - Srinagar
Day 6: Srinagar - Inshan(Warwan Valley) via Margan Pass
Day 7: Warwan Valley - Kishtwar (will try to attempt via the unexplored route?
Day 8: Kishtwar - Killar
Day 9: Killar -manali/Kullu
Day 10: Manali/Kullu - Noida

FYI: I'm planning to go in the month end and will be riding my thunderbird.

Here're my questions,

1. How does the itinerary look?
2. Is it safe to camp at some of these sites?
3. Places that I can explore on the way or around these locations.
4. Does anyone have any info on the route from Inshan to Kishtwar(without going to Margan Pass)?
5. Any other suggestions/warnings are also invited.


Ravi Srivastava