Summer Vacation trip: Meerut to Kanyakumari (June - July' 2020)


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Hello friends,
I am planning my dream visit to Kanyakumari in summer vacation of 2020. I will be driving 2013 Ford Classic, beside me there are three travelers , my wife and 2 kids age 12 and 9 years. I am used to long drives due to work, mostly to Agra and Lucknow every month. Since this is my dream visit, I want it to be memorable and safe. I have 18 days in hand to complete the trip. Since I will be the only driver, this itinerary must be practical, enjoyable and driving only in day time. Here is my itinerary, which is open to be change.
Day 1: Meerut to Udaipur.
Day 2: Udaipur to Statue of Unity; to Daman.
Day 3: Daman to Mumbai.
Day 4: Mumbai to Kelshi Beach.
Day 5: Kelshi Beach to Ganpatipule.
Day 6: Ganpatipule to Goa.
Day 7: Goa.
Day 8: Goa to Udupi.
Day 9: Udupi to Guruvayur
Day 10: Guruvayur to Trivendrum
Day 11: Trivendrum to Kanyakumari
Day 12: Kanyakumari to Rameshwaram
Day 13: Rameshwaram to Karur
Day 14: Karur to Anantpur
Day 15: Anantpur to Hyderabad
Day 16: Hyderabad to Nagpur
Day 17: Nagpur to Orcha
Day 18: Orcha to Meerut
I want to keep myself closer to sea while driving, as I want to visit most of the coastal wonders as possible. Please help me to plan the route, food stops, hotels and suggest all the must visit places during this trip. My budget is moderate, we are vegetarian and love to visit temples. Tips to plan this type of trip is most welcome too.
Hope to hear from you all.



I am not a frequent traveller, but have had my share of long drives. I know that driving everyday for so many days shall have its toll on you and more on the family.

I mention this as I don't see any mention about what time you have kept for sight-seeing at each location.
Of course, @deepam & @uturn would be appropriate to give specific advice, it is my humble suggestion that keep enough time to unwind everyday and if needed, stay more than just a night halt. Pardon me, if I am assuming issues not mentioned in what info you have given.

Best luck!


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You need relax time in between. This is undoable except for one or two people in the car.
Why do you want to see so many in between places. For example if you went from Mumbai to Ganapatipule, skip Kelso beach. Stay an extra day in Ganapatipule.


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I read your blog and was really surprised. To be frank and open and I would not have done this plan with family.
If there are 2 men who drive in the car without wife and kids this is doable just touching each place visiting a place or two and then moving to the next destination.
You have chosen June or July and that is either summer or heavy monsoon. This year monsoon started late in South Western India end of July and boy what rains were it.
For Regular drivers during monsoon it was a challenge.
I conclude if it is South Western India best time to Visit is February.

I love to drive Long distances [including I love to drive at night - i can drive whole night] but in my recent trip with family for Rajasthan I decided to go by Group Tour. by bus. I don't regret that decision no hassle of finding parking, hotels for stay! Peace of mind to enjoy the trip.
Let me also be open, you are driving a car which is phased out of Production. So understand if any situation you face, the consequences and that can impact your finances and spoil the fun of your trip.

If you want to really enjoy the trip; then split your trip into 3 circuits:
  1. Rajasthan
  2. Konkan / Maharastra / Goa
  3. Udupi [Coastal Karnataka] - Mangalore - Hassan.
  4. Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

You indicated you are interested to visit Temples and Udupi around you have some many that you require 4-6 days to visit and experience the bliss.

If you really want to drive; I recommend you to do the following:
  1. Rajasthan you can complete with your car.
  2. For the next trips, you can fly and rent self driven Cars:
  3. For Konkan / Maharastra / Goa - Fly to Pune and hire car.
  4. For remaining two [Udupi / Mangalore] or Tamil Nadu / Kerala you fly to Bangalore and hire self driven car.

My advise is you decide to chose between driving or enjoying the places. If you are really interested for enjoying places, best is to take the Group Coach tour.

If you decide to do by Coach - Group Tour check these 2 links from Bangalore by Same operator [Nirmala Travels, I have done 3 trips with them and I am not disappointed].
Coastal Karnataka - 4 Days (Karnataka) - Nirmala Travels
Mind you they are not covering all the places and there are some more places to be covered.
Note this trip starts from Bangalore on Wednesday and ends on Saturday.
Then you can switch on Sunday to this trip:
South India - 7 Days (Kerala, Tamilnadu) - Nirmala Travels
Then return on Next Saturday to Bangalore.
The Fares attract 5% GST and covers all Trip, boarding and Lodging.

So you plan and if you need any more info. Let me know, I can help you finalize your trip.

Enjoy your trip instead of just ticking your places of visit.


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Daman -Mumbai nothing to mention if you want u can have visit some places around.
Mumbai-Goa by coastal Route
Kashid-Murud janjira fort-Agardanda(ferry)-Dighi
Dighi-Dive Agar-Harihareshwar /Shrivardhan-Bagamandala(ferry)-Vesavi.
Vesavi-Bankot fort-Anjarle-Harnai-Dabhol(ferry)-Dhopave
Jaigad-G.pule-Ratnagiri-Aare ware-Ambolgad-Vijaydurg-Kunkeshwara-Malvan-Shiroda-Terekhol fort(Goa)-Morjim-Anjuna-Baga-Arpora-Panjim

All above places much more to visit requires more time to spend but keep in mind all twists & turns up down narrow lonely roads & hot in summer but safe 24x7.

If you enjoy fish then have very good road side cuisine along with veg.

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Your itinerary seems to be okay/doable, as you are habitual of doing road trips frequently (like me) so no doubt on ur capabilities.
(Once I had done GOA-Lucknow-Goa in Maruti 800 with my wife and 4/5year old son, No AC, No power steering, no ABS)
Anyway ..

Everywhere, in your preferred place/halt, where you want local sight seeing, pls hire local taxi or auto so you may get more detailed tours and rest for yourself too.
Believe me’s a fun ! And keeps you refreshed / Relaxed also .

Now my concern is your month of travel as visiting in June/July.
This is a period of high monsoon in western part ie: GOA - Udupi - Further, hence your prime attraction ‘SEA’ will be rough and muddy too. You won’t be able to admire its natural beauty when it’s calm and blue with clear water except natural beauties of Goa and water falls all the way ..

Of course monsoon driving is a another level of fun which you will have maximum but what about your spouse and children ?

Just think on these aspects and go ahead buddy ..
In Goa your this mate is there to help out if you need any help

Best of luck !!

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