Sunday ride’s Rambling


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Scorpion King said:
nice write up but i shall speak a few words to defend the car wallahs u just critisized. it is impossible to stick to ur lane on the twistys if u wanna go faster so u will always see cars swinging between 2 lanes.
One koshun, how many car walaahs would do it if in the left lane:
a. There was a 18 wheeler truck
b. There was a biker?


PS: Feels good when a Volvo returns the favor, no? :D
PPS: Taxiwalas have faith in goodness of human nature - unless they see a truck - they believe the other bike/car will try to save its ass and hence avoid an accident - that's how ALL Ahmedabadis drive/ride!!


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Yogesh Sarkar said:
I have been noticing out on the highways 180 give better mileage than the 150s.
*cough* *cough*

Is this the reason you are getting third engine kit? :D

Scorpion King

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hmm sadly very few car wallahs would slow down on seeing a bike :( while they may slam their brakes on seeing a bus or truck
if it makes u any happier (to see car owners get beating) i have once seen a ST rip the front bumper of a wagon r as he swung from the centre lane to the right lane of the expressway ghat to negotiate a turn fast.
It was a saturday morning and i am sure that the car owners wekend trip to lonavala or wherever was completely ruined.


Master of the OT Universe

I got nothing against cars. All I ask for, is all vehicles to move within their limits and understand yield of way - just mutual respect.