Sunny-da-dhaba - Lonavala


While going from Mumbai to Pune, about 10-12 kms from the Lonavala market, on NH4, you encounter Sunny-Da-Dhaba. Its prominent on the highway on your right side, but you need to overshoot it to get on the other side of the divider.

The place is known for both the veg and non vegetarian food. I had tried Chicken Tandoori and another Chicken garvy dish (i dont remember the name). I must admit, i hadn't had such tasty Tandoori in a long long time. It was simply delicious and juicy. The gravy dish too was mind blowing! Along with the various parathas/naans they've got something they call the "Cheese Naan". It was very good, but costed a bomb.... about 90 bucks for a single cheese naan. Strangely i could not make out much cheese while i was having it (probably because of the mind blowing gravy dish), but subsequently, while washing my hands, it could feel the greasiness which it had caused in my hands. Top calorie stuff!

The place is definately not one to be counted among the normal "Dhaaba types" both in terms of food taste/quality and cost. Just two of us managed make a bill of 800 bucks! (this ofcourse included a pint of beer... they serve other kinds of alcohols too). Finally we had lassi, which other travellers on the web had suggested, 80 bucks for a glass of it! Guess it wasn't much different from the one costing 15 bucks in a place close to my home... but nevermind had to taste it once.

Finally, about the service... it ain't as good (read "fast"). Thats probably because of the fact that the place is too crowded (though large). They've got Khatiya arrangements to sit too.