Sunrise to Sunset in the Lap of Himalayas- Old Silk Route and Gnathang

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Day 2 (26th Dec 2015)Siliguri – Rangpo - Rongli – Phadamchen - Zuluk

Now the trail day has arrived. The most uncertain part of the journey with the big question “Will we get the permit for Zuluk?”To avoid lame excuses of late arrival, we choose to transverse via shortest route to reach Rangoli. I had in my mind that I will be able to solicit the officers to grant the permission. This was the reason that we chose the route via Rangpo, otherwise we could have chosen the Gorubathan-Lava-Rishi road to enjoy the tea gardens and forest areas.

Last Visit to Silk Route -

Keeping our fingers crossed we met the SDPO for the permit to Silk Route. The very first thing he mentioned was about an accident that had happened just 2-3 days ago due to snow fall and the driver was from outside of Sikkim. Hearing the story my heart sank. He said he could not take the risk to give the permission to a driver from plains. It was tough for me to convince him that I have already drove on the same route before and have the experience to ted such tedious roads. After a little more conversation and request finally he agreed to give the permission for all four of us.


It was the moment of rejoice and at this moment I was feeling more confident about my convincing power. Thinking that I will be able to spend a night at Nathang/Gnathang, I was overwhelmed. We felt as if the journey has just begun and thinking of the plausible adventure, moved towards Zuluk. Just before Padamchen we found a newly built home stay along with a restaurant for outsiders. We couldn’t resist ourselves from having food out there as each one of us was starving.



To be continued 2nd part of Day-2 at Zuluk and more….
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Nice its one road every indian should travel in his/ her lifetime. I have a list of 11 places to visit before i bid adios to planet earth and the silk route is one among them. Nice pics and Nice and interesting story eagerly waiting.

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Yes, Permit for bike is more easier as there is no questions of passengers are having blood relation or not.

My friends went there at 2010. I took the snap of their review.. It is in the first page of the visitor list in Palzor Home. It was my 3rd time in this route and every time I go there I feel very proud to be a member of the rider club.


My Last Visit -

Do they give permit for Motorcycles at Rongli for going towards Zuluk and onwards ?