Sunset Point Resort, Jawhar


For all you travel freaks!!!;), in and around Maharashtra.

I had heard a lot about this place JAWHAR in Thane district, approx 110 KM's from Mumbai (from Thane to be accurate), so planned to visit it last weekend as probably this was the only hill station / beach in MAH/GOA my Unicorn had not witnessed.

Wet, Green and Unexplored are just a few words to describe the place. It makes me realise again that MAH is argueably one of the most beautiful place in INDIA in the monsoons.

While most of the crowd, visits Khandala, Lonavla, Bhandardara & Malshez in the monsoons, JAWHAR is fairly unexplored yet.

Especially if ur a travel enthusiast, you should try the route WADA - KHODALA - MOKHADA - JAWHAR. which is 30 odd KM's longer but fun to ride/drive through valley evidencing a number of waterfalls and a sanctuary.

There are very few hotels and from the look of it none seemed to be decent except the Sunset Point Resort. As the name suggests its situated atop the Sunset Point hill and you can see the sunset view from your hotel room as well, if ur lucky to get the valley facing cottage.

The resort serves absolutely delicious food be it breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner. It has a swimming pool and the resort is big enough to play games or have a DJ party. Plus, the Owner & staff's Gujju hospitality is worth a mention.

The cost is 1000 bucks pp including food & accomodation -- A bit expensive, but definately worth an occassionaly visit considering the location, quality of food and the hotel management hospitality

Ideal time to visit JAWHAR -- Winter / Monsoon



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Very nice description, Chirag.
Don't you have a photo or two to post?
That always helps so much.


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Hey, Thats True,

A couple of Waterfalls in this region fall from a good height and they do not dry up ( Atleast not completely:) ) !!!
That, I suspect, would vary from year to year.
And anyway, it's not your fault! :grin: