T1 Prima Truck Racing at BIC

The TATA 1512/1510 is perfect for intra-city(city bus) operations in India till date. There is no competitor for the TATA 407 in India for 25 years. It is the perfect combination of power, space and ruggedness.

No other bus chassis can beat the Ashok Leyland Viking (ie, 1616) in India when it comes to Long distance operations. It is the ultimate big bus chassis in India. It can be used as inter-city bus, tourist bus and Metro City bus. With speed control, it will give good mileage in city operations but still having enough torque to serve as a Metro city bus. Take off the speed control and it will rip off Hilly roads and Ghat sections. No Volvo or mercedes bus can ever take the place of the Ashok Leyland Viking in India

The above vehicles are time-tested and ideal for Indian conditions. No foreign made vehicle can take over their market in India