Tadoba - May 2018


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Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Female).jpg
Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Male).jpg
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Hi All,
This my first travelogue. So, kindly bear with me.
I love visiting forests and wildlife reserves. I keep travelling to Bandipur/Mudhumalai/Nagarahole atleast once in a couple of months, these being close to Bangalore. I have done numerous
safaris in all these sanctuaries. Had managed to see the black and orange stripes just once. Although I am not a tiger centric person, there always is that excitement and urge of wanting to spot cats.
So, having not been able to see a lot of cats here, I decided to plan a trip to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) during summer.
Booked train tickets to Wardha instead of Nagpur. Nagpur and Wardha are both almost the same distance from Moharli. Opted for Wardha since I would be able to save the time needed to travel from Wardha to Nagpur (around 1.5 to 2 hours by train). Had already booked cab to pick us up from Wardha Railway Station.
Had booked accomodation at MTDC Moharli for 4 nights. Had booked 6 safaris (4 in core zone and 2 in buffer zone). MTDC is about 500 meters from Moharli gate (core zone). Alizanza is the nearest buffer gate from MTDC (about a couple of hundred meters). Agarzari and Devda are abount 15 to 20 minutes away. Stay at MTDC was very pleasant and so was the food i the restaurant.
In all, we could spot:
11 different tigers (male/female/cubs). Matkasur (in Panderpauni), Sharmili with 3 cubs (in Agarzari), Bajrang (in Moharli), Sonam with 4 cubs (in Telia).
2 packs of wild dogs, one with a collar.
A sloth bear
A couple of Indian Pittas, fish eagle, Mottled wood owl (not very clear though), Asian paradise Flycatchers, Yellow footed green pigoen.
In addition to these, we witnessed a close encounter of a wild dog being chased away by Bajrang (Will try to post the video soon), a sloth bear chased away by a wild boar. These two were the highlights of the trip.
Missed the ghost (leopard) on the last safari in Agarzari. We could see fresh pug marks of the elusive cat, but, couldn't spot it.
Will let the photos do the talking. This is the first time I tried my hand at photography. So, please feel free to share any feedback you have.


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Terrific. =D>

For us, the lesser mortals, caption below the photos, particularly of the birds, would have been nice.


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Terrific. =D>

For us, the lesser mortals, caption below the photos, particularly of the birds, would have been nice.
Thanks Mousourik! :)
Apologies. I had added the names of the birds in the photographs..for some reason it isn't visible. Here goes:
1. Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Male)
2. Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Female)
3. Black shouldered kite
4. Cinereous Tit
5. Crested Serpent Eagle
6. Indian Bush Quail (pls correct if I'm wrong)
7. Lesser Fish Eagle
8. Indian Bush Quail again
9 and 10: Indian Pitta
10. Mottled Wood Owl (Pls correct if incorrect)
11. Orange Headed Thrush
12. Pond Heron with a catch
13. Rufous Treepie
14. Tickell's blue flycatcher
15. Tree shrew
16. Yellow Footed Green Pigeon