Taking care of Camera Lens and Optics


Nature Lover
Agree with Henry completely. I always keep a 'micro fiber' cleaning cloth handy for such an emergency. These days even shops selling spectacles give free swatch of micro fiber.Two caveats: 1. do not use force while wiping.Gentle is the word.as gentle as wiping the face of a baby or babe!:grin: 2.Keep the soft cloth in a small zip bag to prevent dust getting stuck on them. Otherwise it will do more harm!:eek: .


Planning to make a DIY diffuser for on camera flash.
I saw a couple of tutorials using plastic Milk cans and coffee filters.
Any first hand reviews/recommendations of DIY diffusers???

Yogesh Sarkar

Re: D for Doubts

There are a few diffusers already available for on camera flash that you can try and would likely cost couple of hundred bucks if bought from eBay.