Talent Crunch in Technology - In future


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there are already so many engineers coming out every year and finding work is quite a task for new pass outs. there are so many engineers i know who have changed teh stream and doing something else from what they studied as they have to survive. so first let many more industries come up and then probably people would be keen in joining this field.

and gone are the days when engeneering and medical were the only considered option for professional education. now people like to do what they want to do. there is journalism, there is handicrafts, there is agriculture( i have seen a major part of youth who wants to go back to what their ancestors were doing but include more technology into it). There is aviation which in olden days weren't in the reach of many but now things have changed. there is marine services, a lot of things which we could only dream when we were kids. but now the present generation has a wide variety of courses they can choose from compared to ours were we had science, commerce arts, law and doctor or engineer