Tapatalk: Tips & Tricks

These days many BCMTians are very much active via tapatalk app on Android / Windows mobiles.

Share some tips and tricks that you know.
Signature of tapatalk may seem annoying to some.
Here are tips to edit signature in Android App.
For windows phone it will be similar only. Check yourself on these guidelines.

Me (at right bottom)>>
General: Edit Signature>>
choose from:
1. None
1. Sent from "mobile name" my using Tapatalk
1. Sent from my "mobile name"
4. Customize

You will find your signature in Serial No.2 :
"sent from coolpad note 3 lite"
Just touch on "None"

How to Edit Signature in Tapatalk ?
How to Delete Signature in Tapatalk ?

(App Version 5.6.5 ) >>
Go & touch on
Me (at right bottom)>>


General: Edit Signature>>

Choose your option:
Awara said:
I remember seeing a thread on how to use Tapatalk but can't find it now. My question is how to post photos from mobile using Tapatalk?
Thanks in advance
How to upload pics in Tapatalk ?
Answer is same with
How to upload videos in Tapatalk ?

At Reply touch ^ at left >> Just touch on image icon at 2nd position from left >> Open Gallery >> Select an image >> SEND i written at top right, touch it >> It will be uploaded to a third party cloud website for hot linking.
After upload an image url will appear.
Then touch on > arrow icon for reply.
Your reply will be posted.

Touch at lower left arrow to check image icon.

Image icon will be like this when big post window gets up
f9e70e185a773b8bc23cb405212d7100 (1).jpg

Image in galley are simple and video looks like arrow in middle of a circle

Image url will be like this

One image or one video can be posted once at a time.
To post Multiple Images / videos in same post,
you have to upoload image/video one by one only.

Do experiment with buttons on your tapatalk.
Even if looks change, basics remain same and just do experiments.
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This is the way to post images via Tapatalk :
Open thead and touch on Arrow Red Arrow in Red circle at right bottom for a new post.

Now Touch at Photos / Files to upload on tapatalk server.

Touch at Gallery to upload pics from gallery :

You can choose 9 pics (Maximum) to upload.
select images by tick at right top corner of thumbnails.

You can choose upto 9 pics to upload

Touch Send to upload on tapatalk server :


Wait for few minutes.
After images are uploaded, Press Arrow on top right.

Check your post if all went right or not.
You can upload more pics again on same post but better post them on separate post to read words and pics easily.
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How to Edit your Post in tapatalk ?

You can edit your post yourself in Tapatalk.
Touch on post, it will be selected.
Press edit button (Key Screw Driver in X shape) at Top Right before 3 Dots Menu.

Now, You can see


Touch on Edit and post it normally.

Check Pics for help.
It can be little different in different versions of Tapatalk.

Select your post and colour of that post will be changed :

sfter selection post colour is different.jpg

Touch on Key / Spanner / Screw Driver in X Shape :

Edit button afer selection.jpg

Options after pressing X at top right :

Edit Delet option tapatalk.jpg

Edit your post.