Tarkarli- a calm and peaceful destination

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Welcome to my first travel blog. It's not the first time i am travelling, but the first time I want to pen down my travels.

Travelling has always fascinated me. It gives me a new wave of energy to rejuvenate myself from the daily hectic schedule of my life. Being an employee with a work shift of 9 - 6, it leaves me with only weekends to plan out something and luckily I have few friends of mine with whom I share this quest.

It was December month and long weekend of Christmas, so I decided to travel out to Tarkarli. I have heard about the calm and peaceful nature of this beach so I wanted to witness it. I had four office friends of mine - Sachin, Shubham, Jitendra, Samir who were travelling with me. I love to travel on bike but this time we decided to travel by car.

Me, Jitu, Shubham, and Samir were supposed to meet Sachin at 8:30 am on the way as his house was on the same way we were supposed to travel. We all gathered together around 9:30 am and then we left. Tarkarli is a village in the western side of Maharashtra on the shores of Arabian sea. We took NH-48 ( Bangalore Pune highway) till Kolhapur. The NH-48 is a treat to ride, the wide roads flowing through the beautiful ghats gives a sense of beauty of nature and satisfaction

We left the highway at Kolhapur and entered the city and rode all the way down from Amba ghat. It's really a hell of a scary ghat. One needs to be very careful while driving here

There were many small villages in between which we crossed and it was around 5 pm when we stopped for a chai break. We had some bhel and pani puri.

We left after having some snacks. It began to get dark. The hotel where we were suppose to check in was called "Blue water" situated in the Malwa district and believe me it was a hell of a task to find it.We almost ran to a dead end nothing but a river in front of us. Somehow with the help of the local fellows we were able to get on our way to hotel. The way to the hotel became an adventure for us.

The hotel was very good. The owner lived on the ground floor and our rooms were on the 1st floor. Almost all the hotels here have same structure. The most exciting part was that there was a river in the front of the hotel and the beach was just behind the hotel hardly 5 min walk.

We got fresh and sat down for dinner. There was a backyard with lot of space with where we had our dinner. When you are travelling to coastal areas do try out the sea food here. Me being eggetarian so my friends had the fish thali. It was such a pleasant and quiet atmosphere i had never felt before. And the icing on the cake was soft ghazals playing on the speaker. ("Mehengi bahut hi sharab, hai thodi thodi piya karo")

The next morning was the way to beach. We left our hotel and walking for 5 min we reached the beach. I have been to 8 beaches in Maharashtra and this was the cleanest beach I have ever witnessed. Far from the city rush, a very quiet and peaceful beach you just can't ask for more. We enjoyed in the beach before having our breakfast. Basically the locals have opened the hotels and restaurants and they serve the home cooked meal. After about 1 hour we sat for breakfast in one of the hotel and while enjoying the food we were simultaneously enjoying the Arabian sea in front of us.

Tarkarli is also a famous spot for scuba diving. My friends decided to give it a try. While they went for diving I returned to hotel for some sleep. In the evening we decided to head to a point known as "Tarkarli beach sangam". This is a point where the river (Karla) which was in front of our hotel comes all the way along and merges into the Arabian sea. So we had a plan to see the sunset at this point and it was worth place to visit. The place was apporx 20 min driving from our hotel. Visiting here made me realize how beautiful the nature can be.

We left for the day to the hotel as the next day we had to head back towards Pune. The time spent here was really amazing and mesmerizing. Far from the rush and hectic schedule, this place is a must to visit for. I will post a short description below which you may find helpful in case you want to travel here.

Place- Tarkarli
Distance from Pune- Approx 400 km
How to reach - Take NH-48 ( Pune Bangalore highway till Kolhapur and then travel through city to reach Malwa
Hotels nearby- Blue water resort (1500/- per night) and many more

Hope you all will enjoy the post. Please share like and comment if you enjoy my work. I will be posting more travel blogs in near future. Any suggestions for improvement are most welcome. Till then shukriya, alvida, salaam, take care and keep travelling.


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Lovely. I had ridden over Amba Hat on my way to Goa from Pune about 13 years ago. It’s indeed a great journey...