Tata Harrier or MG Hector


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Hi guys
I am planning to by a new suv . I am in a dilemma i.e. whether to buy Harrier or wait Hector.Which colour of Harrier looks best,

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Hi Parveen,
I have not looked in person Yet to both the cars or driven them. From review, my take is Hector is feature rich and yet to set up its brand in India; have service network established. Some one commented that Hector interior plastics is not up to the mark! Again this is their perception.

Harrier is having lesser features, you already have TASS experience with your Safari. So you would be better judge here.

What disappointed for me with Harrier, is the feedback on 2 accounts:
  1. Suspension is not good as Duster, so it will be not good as HEXA. I am told HEXA suspension is much better than Duster.
  2. When you change lanes; you get a drag. This may be due to the length of the vehicle & change in suspension setup for meeting Indian road conditions.
I assume Tata may fix these in next versions.

I read somewhere the person went to book Harrier but eventually bought HEXA.

No doubt Harrier is a good car. Drive extensively and make your choice.
If I were you, I would have placed my bet on Harrier compared to Hector.


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Jeep Compass has good driving dynamics and style. Space is too cramped inside though has good exterior dimensions.
I am not sure of ASS; will they follow same as FIAT India?


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Jeep is a great choice. Proved worldwide.fabulous specs.
Interiors aren’t as ‘posh’ as let’s say a VW or a Kodak, but it’s a fabulous car.

The Hector being launched won’t have a 4x4 version as of now, and power will be over than Jeep.

Gaurav Chopra

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The Hector which will likely come with a 1.5l turbo diesel engine make not make the mark-the Harrier is a big big step up by Tata and the Jeep sourced powertrain is a big improvent over the old 2.2Dicor-The Harrier rides like a proper land yatch-the MG may not have this quality.


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I would second Yogesh's suggestion to wait if you can. Harrier is a very important car for Tata and a capable one too. Let them iron out the niggles (mostly electrical and electronic related issues reported in reviews) in the near future and it would be a very strong contender in its segment. Hector needs some time as well for its quality, reliability and overall package to be judged vs the competition.
Somehow the Indian in me prefers Tata over a Chinese brand still..


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Recent reviews suggest that TATA has fixed all niggling issues except suspension comfort post July 2019.
So any car post that with huge discount on offer is worth the buy.

Recently we came to know that even Hyundai has worst customer care support! Serious problem faced in Grand i 10 petrol. I did not perceive Hyundai's quality has dropped so badly.
I am not going to recommend Hyundai cars.