Tata Photon+


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I am using Tata Photon+ for past one week, and wanted to share the experience so far.
Bought the device from Delhi for 3400/- including 100/- prepaid activation charges (for which you get 100 min of surfing and the device gets activated for 72 hrs, till the time address verification and other documentation is done).

Talking about the speed at the first place, Tata claims it to be 3.1 mbps (Download + Upload), when in HSIA mode (High speed Internet Access) and 153 kbps in CDMA mode.

In almost entire Delhi its HSIA mode, currently in Meerut, So only CDMA mode is working.

Talking about bechmarking the performance, the max download speed I got is 235 KBps ~ 2 mbps and upload is 115 KBps ~ 920 kbps, So its very near to what Tata claims.:)

The only drawback is the signal strength, which keeps on fluctuating (just like tata mobile network). Due to which it keeps on getting disconnecting now and then. That specially happens at places where the signal strength is comparatively weak or at specific timings (Never happens early morning). That is very irritating, as every time you have to manually connect it to start the connection all over again (there is no auto connect option).:mad:

Someone also suggested to use the extended USB cable provided along with the device to stay connected uninterrupted, though I have not tried it yet.

Altogether it’s a nice mode to stay connected wherever you are and wherever you go.:)


The overall claims made by TATA looks promising , but as mentioned above .. by Turbohead
The major problems with these wireless devices is the signal strength .
This keeps on fluctuating :(

and seriously thats very irritating if you are in the mid of some download .
Thanks to products such as DAP ... which serves with the continue facility ... else ....... Life would have been tragic ....


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Using extended USB cable with it since my last post, no problems recorded so far :)
Hope to stay connected for long :)


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Tata claims it to be 3.1 mbps (Download + Upload), when in HSIA mode (High speed Internet Access) and 153 kbps in CDMA mode.
Nice, so its seems Qualcomm sold it to Verizon and Verizon to Tata.

This I believe is the 1xEVDO of CDMA, I had worked on it when it was being developed at Bell Labs (Lucent) and now Alcatel-Lucent)

Good speeds


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The disconnection problem has been reduced by 99% (Disconnected only once in 8hrs.) by using USB cable.
Eric can you explain the reason for it. :)

Overall So far so good :)