Tata Photon+


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Is there any information about Tata Photon coverage in Kullu District? I need high speed access in Naggar. May be you can recommend me some stuff?
Hope to get help! Thanks in advance!


I've used tata photon & Reliance Netconnect both , Reliance Netconnect covers much more cities as compared to tata photon. I rome alot & used both connections but this give i give full marks to reliance then tata photon.


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the disconnecting of Internet is also due to BTS ( Tower's) as if you are in urban area where the tower is under high usage normally during day timings due to which disconnection happens but during late night and early mornings this is not an issue as BTS utilization is minimum so speed is also good with less interruptions.

Whereas if you use such data cards in rural areas where traffic is less there evn 1 X datacards give good speed as the tower is having less traffic in rural BTS's


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Tata PHOTON sounds very promising..... i am using Vodafone Datacard from past 1.5 years... Its very irritating, makes you go :mad:..... My suggestion to fellow BCMTians is that .. "PLEASE DO NOT OPT FOR VODAFONE WIRELESS INTERNET SERVICES" under any circumstances.... Unless someone is giving it for free of cost :p


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if you want better coverage and speed go for bsnl 3g service.if you have 3g mobile, just use data cable and you can access fast internet or otherwise buy 3g data card @ 2500 which i bought in kullu and very satishfied for it's speed.
there is no tata photon+ in kullu , just tata photon whiz, which don't have good speed.at the moment i m also using tata photon whiz because i m living in manikaran.it's ok for browsing and audio call on skype but not for video call.
i m not sure if there is coverage of bsnl 3g in naggar but it has in kullu and manali.so whenever i goto kullu or manali i use my bsnl 3g data card.