The Apple Cart Inn (HPTDC) at Kiarighat, about 22 kms before Shimla.


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This place is an old favourite and serves very good Chicken cutlets. Also veggie ones but they are not as yummy as the chicken!
Of course the parathas are also very good.
Has never been a let-down. Earlier, it had no name other than Kiarighat, but now it is re-packaged as 'The Apple Cart Inn' thanks to the double storeyed cafeteria built recently at the perimeter next to the road (1st photo).
You can sit in the new structure or anywhere in the garden.

Some photos:



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This place brings back a lot of memories - went there in early 80's with my family on scooter from Solan. I saw it again in June 2008, but did not stop. And now this thread - I just had to say that I have been to this place...


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Darjeeling tea With Earl Grey Mixed.

I Always Carry My Own Tea...
You mean the leaves? :grin:
How do you brew it?

I always carry an electric kettle. For Uttaranchal, I also carry a Kabson stove as there are frequent power outages!


I Have A Small Electric Kettle For Two.

Have Been Using It For The Last 13 Years W/o Problems.

Carry My Tea Bags + Whitener - No Sugar