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Before starting a fire, make sure you follow certain safety rules. Firstly, never throw gasoline or other combustible fluids on a fire. The fire can blow outwards, burning skin and catching clothes on fire. Secondly, clear a space of about six feet, all the way around the intended fire spot to prevent the fire, once it’s started, from traveling. If it’s a grassy area, remove the grass and build the fire on the dirt. And be sure to completely extinguish any fire or hot coals before abandoning the area.


There are three things to laying a fire:
2]kindling wood
3]fuel wood

TINDER:Tinder is dry material that ignites with little heat—a spark starts a fire. The tinder must be absolutely dry to be sure just a spark will ignite it. If you only have a device that generates sparks, charred cloth will be almost essential. It holds a spark for long periods, allowing you to put tinder on the hot area to generate a small flame. You can make charred cloth by heating cotton cloth until it turns black, but does not burn. Once it is black, you must keep it in an airtight container to keep it dry.


To make this fire arrange the tinder and a few sticks of kindling in the shape of a tepee or cone. Light the center. As the tepee burns, the outside logs will fall inward, feeding the fire. This type of fire burns well even with wet wood.

To lay this fire push a green stick into the ground at a 30-degree angle. Point the end of the stick in the direction of the wind. Place some tinder deep under this lean-to stick. Lean pieces of kindling against the lean-to stick. Light the tinder. As the kindling catches fire from the tinder, add more kindling.

To use this method scratch a cross about 30 centimeters in size in the ground. Dig the cross 7.5 centimeters deep. Put a large wad of tinder in the middle of the cross. Build a kindling pyramid above the tinder. The shallow ditch allows air to sweep under the tinder to provide a draft.

To lay this fire place two small logs or branches parallel on the ground. Place a solid layer of small logs across the parallel logs. Add three or four more layers of logs or branches, each layer smaller than and at a right angle to the layer below it. Make a starter fire on top of the pyramid. As the starter fire burns, it will ignite the logs below it. This gives you a fire that burns downward, requiring no attention during the night. There are several other ways to lay a fire that are quite effective. Your situation and the material available in the area may make another method more suitable.


1. Waterproof, strike-anywhere matches are your best bet. Matches may be water-proofed by dipping them in nail polish. Store your matches in a waterproof container.(Never tried it personally)

2. A cigarette lighter is also a good way to produce a spark, with or without fuel.

3. The electric spark produced from a battery will ignite a gasoline dampened rag.

4. Allow the suns rays to pass through a magnifying glass onto the tinder.

5. Flint way.Be carefuly not to injure yourself using this primative method


Always extinguish a fire before you leave a campsite.You can use liberal doses of water available or anything else for that matter:-
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More than three-fourths of your body is composed of fluids. Your body loses fluid as a result of heat, cold, stress, and exertion. To function effectively, you must replace the fluid your body loses. So, one of your first goals is to obtain an adequate supply of water.

Before we discuss how to obtain water,here are some of the fluids which shouldnt be replaced for water:

1]Alcoholic beverages: Dehydrates body n adds to your woes incase you are thirsty :D

2]Urine:Contains body waste.Has over 2% salt.

3]Sea Water:Is about 4 percent salt. It takes about 2 liters of body fluids to rid the body of waste from 1 liter of saltwater. Therefore, by drinking seawater you deplete your body's water supply, which can cause death.

4]Blood:Is salty and consider a food; therefore, requires additional body fluids to digest. May transmit disease.

5]Ice:Ice shouldnt be eaten without melting.Eating ice drops your body temperature and might worsen your condition if you are stuck up somewhere.



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Very knowledgeable and one of the most useful articles in BCM. Thanks for posting. Keep up the good work!


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Environment:Frigid areas

Source: (Snow and Ice)

Technique: Melt and purify the water

TIPS: Do not eat snow/ice without melting! Eating snow and ice can reduce body temperature and will lead to more dehydration.
Snow/Ice can be impure.Purity of snow is equal to purity of water from which it is formed.Sea ice can have salt content


Source:Sea water
1.Desalinating.Boil salt water with a shirt suspended above the boiling water, which absorbs the steam leaving you with a shirt full of potable water. wring out and drink..
2.US special forces carry portable seawater desalinator kits.Dont know if they are available in market


Catch rain in tarps or in other water-holding material or containers.More on rain water catchment later...

TIPS:Do not drink seawater without desalting.
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Hey, Darth!

You are a walking and talking (er... typing) authority on the subject of survival. Were you in the military?



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I think we need to have a similar thread for surviving Anarchy:
a. If Pakistan attacks.
b. the next time some gujjar boys have an agitation
c. The next time oil PSUs decide to strike
d. The next time truckers go off the road.

But seriously, we need to figure out how to survive inspite of the sham we call a democratic government.


Useful information bro..... I like it the most.... All things are the onees one should know aball this as they are the basic First Aid to... By this u are not saving urself but also the life of others who need such help...


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Compiled info from various internet sources and tv shows:


Can you get sink in quicksand:
Answer:very difficult to sink in quicksand.Real quicksand is certainly hard to get out of, but it doesn't suck people under the way it always seems to in the movies.

Why is it dangerous??
Answer:Getting caught in quicksand isnt generally fatal unless you fall head first.But getting caught in quicksand near the sea, which is generally where quicksand is found can get you in trouble.
When the high tide comes in, you could drown. Else you might die out of thirst and starvation if you are alone.

The density of quicksand, at 2 grams per cubic centimetre, is twice the density of a human (1 gram per cubic centimetre), so stuck you might be, but drowned you wouldn’t!

Do you ask your friends to throw in a rope and pull you out???

Answer:No.force needed for someone to pull their foot out of quicksand at a speed of a centimeter a second would be the equivalent of that required to lift a medium-size car.Quite likely you will end up injuring yourself.

way to free yourself.

Answer:The way to do it is to wriggle your legs around. This creates a space between the legs and the quicksand through which water can flow down to dilate the sand.You can get out using this technique, if you do it slowly and progressively.

A video demo found on youtube how do free yourself:

[ame=""]YouTube - How to Get out of Quicksand[/ame]