The Art of survival


nice topic sure will help around

Note: please double click on the links if video is not working here as embedding is disable by channel

Also shoelace can be used to climb a trees just tie laces to other shoe and start climbing ( can't find video bear grysll showed how its done tho you would need some strong thigh muscles)

surviving water rapids

[nomedia=""]YouTube - Ecuador Rapid Water[/nomedia]

lifesaving shoelace

[nomedia=""]YouTube - Man vs. Wild - Lifesaving Shoelaces[/nomedia]

Also when out of food and left with only some candy/toffe etc..
1.put candy in the mouth move it around for 1 or 2 min and take out and save it for next time.
just licking candy for min signals the brain that source of energy has entered the body and it releases energy for your survival and lasts around 30 min.
when you feel sapped out again repeat same step still you find some real source of energy.

In cold when you hands and feets starts going numb keep them moving/wiggling this will help hypothermia not to set in and keep them out from going numb.

Do make sure to regularly watch ( it does help. I've used tips on my trip)

1. Man vs wild
2. I shouldn't be alive
3. Worst case scenarios ( also hanbook is available online)
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Rahul, both the Utube videos say "embedding disabled by request'!!
First one can be watched but the second one does not work!


thanx for updating. well embedding has been disabled by channel so you'll have to double click on it to watch it on youtube.


Rides R Us
1. Man vs wild
I like this show and envy its anchor Bear Grylls.this dude retired from SAS and climbed everest by age of 23 when rest of the world spends several seasons attempting it :weedman:

Another similar show is 'survivorman' .

this might be little too much for regular 'safe' travellers but considering that we have covered almost all terrains there isnt harm in knowing how to save your own ass... coming up next week why eating insects incase you are lost is your best bet :D
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