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A question for all those who've posted here. Did you visualize your picture to be in B/W before shooting or was it just the PP that looked better in monochrome for a particular photograph and it eventually resulted in a B/W picture?
To me, the best i like to edit in mono are the portraits.

One thing is always there -- Removing the color, clears the photo of the story and the distraction of the RGB hues, and brings out the real visual story of the frame.
Not that, colors donot relay the visual story, but the story relayed in mono is one track and very lucid in the intended visual . Say pure emotion or the pure single objective of the exposure ! :)
This stands true for Portraits or Landscapes or Candids or Street or what ever style of shot that is !

I donot mostly envision a shot in B/W, except for certain situations like --
- Portraits. Where i will pay very close attention to the light. amount, direction, source etc ....
- Bland landscapes . Extreme harsh light and fog and cloudy.
- Candid photography

Mostly while processing, i will pull down the colors and see, how do i like it in B/W :)
That said i mostly see every shot i process for once in B/W mode, Coz, you will never know for sure unless you see it ! ;)

Eg here ---

Morning walk in Manali ( ... i did share it before also here - Exploring and Discovering Manali )


And compare it with this, the RAW capture. What the camera caught ---


So, if i edited the above RAW in color, it would not have been as impressive and impact full as the one in mono :)

Now, for here eg --


This was a white petunia and the sun was really harsh to get a good exposure especially the fine details of the flower. Nevertheless, i took the shot and surprisingly when i hit the B/W mode and played around with the controls, it brought it this lovely mono render of the petunia flower that i really liked ! :)

Henry mentioned "muted colors" (I like the term :) ) are obvious candidates for B/W and Somnath provided very nice examples of "visualizing" it before hand since the surrounding colors could create distractions for the subject. Ankur mentioned playing around with PP and realizing that since the contrast was unappealing, B/W made more sense.
So another question for all of you : Since portraiture is an obvious candidate for B/W work, what are your personal prefrences w.r.t portraiture? Mind you, I am talking about tight portraits, not environmental ones.

Again wrt portraits, its the intended visual story you want to relate.

Eg here -- A candid street capture of some kids sharing some amusing stories with each other.
One is happy to share. The other is a patient listener and the third is not at all interested !


The color would have diluted the story of the moment ! It suited better in mono !

Another Eg a portrait here --


The color render of the above image is equally appealing, but for me the mono render does worthy justice of accentuating the beautiful lady and her charismatic smile ;)

@iamsomnath ,@hensil ,@ankur003

Lovely captures guys ! :)
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I'm not sure if I posted this earlier.

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Focal Length: 15mm (35mm equivalent: 15mm)
Aperture: ƒ/10.0
Exposure Time: 0.0031 s (1/320)
ISO equiv: 100
Exposure Bias: none
Metering Mode: Matrix
Exposure: aperture priority (semi-auto)
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Flash Fired: No (enforced)
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