The Call of the Mountains, Brezza Breezing through Uttarakhand - Solo


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What a beautiful journey. I loved that photo of the breeze, door open, standing in the crisp sun on a chilly day. Made me nostalgic about my own trips.

Also noticed how the landscape is getting degraded. Old tall trees no long there, the ground looks beaten...
You've hit the note which points to the crafted conflicts in the region, owned both by Man and Nature. Having lived through for exploration in some of these areas, I realized how many contradictions the hills are surviving through.

Rampant, unchecked Yatras pulling not just "once in lifetime visitors", but flocking locals with all they can to capitalize, leaving no space for nature to survive, creating eco hazard. One is appalled at the sight of plastic debris it creates every season, over and above the toxic effects from human and animal wastes.

During other times, unchecked and clandestine irrigation feeds in small and medium villages, drawing from tributaries, causing landscape on its way to degrade and weaken causing landslides and flooding during rain (this is far more rampant than glacial disasters due to warming)

Even with LPG, preference to wood fire by locals causing regional and localized warming. I saw regular smoke hubs around small villages, due to their habitual wood fire practices. The belief (somewhat true) that woodfire smoke kills insects in the house and the heat it produces vs LPG.

Cleaning up of un-reserved forest zones to provide for pasture lands or dwellings or farming. This has almost cleaned up all available options.

Triggered wild fires, for killing animals and Woodstock.

Its heart wrenching to see all this happening to no control.


Thank you for that beautiful and wonderful travelogue. Fantastic photographs too. My wife and i drove to Uttarakhand and spent 23 days roaming around Kumaon. We owe the success of our trip to the stalwarts from BCM touring who advised us on every aspect of our trip. Thank you, guys.

This year we had planned to do the Garhwal side but sadly, Corona put a break in our plans. Hope we shall be able to do so in October, though it would be frightfully crowded during that time.

Thank you for sharing. May i leave you with a photo from our trip?



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…Its heart wrenching to see all this happening to no control.
True. I notice it everywhere. And it is so fast, faster than one can react to it. There was a new highway built, let’s say from A to B.
We found out about it from a local administrator. We drove in it. A dream like highway, beautiful smooth road, meandering through dense forests and rolling hills. Not a single Dhaba or tapri in the entire stretch.

Three years later I drove again on the Same stretch. Some brick and mortar dhabas. Many tapirs. Most of the hills now desolate and trees cut down.

Beautiful landscapes is a non renewable resource which belongs to us all. And we are losing it.