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Britain's Largest Battery Will DOUBLE The Nations Storage Capacity!

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Apr 1, 2023

Britain could soon be about to build it’s biggest battery ever. This battery is so big that it will more than double the UK’s current energy storage capacity. You’re probably thinking, that’s a lot of batteries. But when is a battery, not a battery? When it’s derived from nature! Costing around 1.5 billion pounds and expected to be operational in 2031, the Coire Glas hydro plant aims to deliver 1.5GW and 30GWh of storage. That’s enough electricity to power 3 million homes for 24 hours non stop! To meet sudden power demands, it can go from zero to full capacity in around 60 seconds. It’s biggest drawback, however, is that it requires site specific locations, often up in hilly or mountainous regions, which make their initial set up cost extremely high when compared to other alternatives. Today, a much larger proportion of the UK’s power grid comes from renewable energy sources such as solar, on and off-shore wind power, hydro and biomass energy. In 2020, renewables made up around 43% of the UK’s electricity generation. In February 2023, 47% came from zero carbon sources with some days peaking at a whopping 80%!
BYD launching First 9000$ Sodium Ion Battery EV Changes Everything!

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Mar 21, 2023

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The Race for affordable Electric cars has begun. And Industry leaders in China are about to make this dream a reality! While Tesla expands its business by investing MILLIONS in a Lithium refinery plant, China bets on cheap Next-Gen Sodium-Ion Batteries! For this reason, the largest Chinese Battery Manufacturers in the world, CATL, and BYD have already begun mass production of sodium-ion battery! Even though many experts thought it would only be suitable for stationary batteries, China's biggest Electric Vehicle manufacturer BYD, shocked the Industry with the first sodium-ion battery electric car! BYD has deployed a sodium ion battery in a small city runabout and created the MOST affordable electric car for less than 10.000$! However, BYD plans to implement this new battery technology across its entire BYD electric car range as it offers many advantages over lithium-ion battery! With BYD having many successful electric cars such as the byd atto 3, byd seal, byd than, byd tang and also successful in battery technology with the byd blade battery The company has the potential to bring the salt battery to the mainstream! What is this new electric car with a sodium-ion battery all about? Could this be the Future of Electric Vehicles? How good is the car in reality, and can it compete with the Lithium competitors? And will this transition the industry away from lithium?
This ALL-NEW Oxygen-ion Battery Technology Will SHOCK Entirely Industry!

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Apr 5, 2023

This ALL-NEW Oxygen-ion Battery Technology Will SHOCK Entirely Industry! Innovations in battery technology have long been an area of intense research and development. Now, a revolutionary new type of battery has been unveiled that promises to revolutionize the industry: the oxygen-ion battery. This game-changing technology is set to disrupt entire markets, providing greater power and efficiency than ever before. With its potential to reduce costs and decrease environmental impact, this all-new oxygen-ion battery technology is sure to shock the entire industry! What are the advantages of Oxygen-ion batteries over other types of batteries? How might the widespread adoption of Oxygen-ion batteries impact the environment, and what role could this technology play in the transition to clean energy? What impact will the Oxygen-ion batteries have on the energy industry? Stay tuned as we find answers to these questions. The development of lithium-ion batteries has revolutionized the energy sector. They can be found anywhere: in hybrid cars, on mobile phones, and even in those high-tech suitcases you can't take on an airline. They are very effective at storing energy, which enables a great deal of power to be contained inside a battery of very modest size. Yet, unfortunately, there is bad news for everyone: lithium-ion batteries have certain downsides, and some are rather significant. The batteries deteriorate over time and begin to hold less and less power, and given the correct circumstances, they can completely catch fire. The materials used to make the batteries are the only ones that can be obtained using ecologically destructive ways. Remember a few years ago when a bunch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s started catching fire on their own? lithium-ion batteries were to blame. While lithium-ion batteries offer many advantages, their significant drawbacks provide an opportunity for new approaches to energy storage. And Austria's Vienna University of Technology researchers have developed an oxygen-ion battery to address some of these problems. The University of Technology in Vienna has developed an oxygen-ion battery with significant benefits. The researchers claim that their oxygen-ion battery can potentially replace lithium-ion batteries in large-scale energy storage systems.
This New Ultra-Fast Dual-Carbon Battery Breakthrough SHOCKS American Scientists

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Aug 25, 2022

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The GREAT electric car cover-up just got worse | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris


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Mar 10, 2023

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Germany is showing how the all-electric car plans may not be as rosy as it would seem. The European Union has said that it will phase out gas-powered cars by 2035. But now Germany has asked the EU to exempt cars powered by synthetic fuel. Italy has supported this request with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni arguing that phasing out gas-powered cars would put thousands of jobs at risk. Spain’s environmental transition minister has said that this is a disappointing request and that it could derail the plan. In fact, this did derail a vote that was scheduled for March 7. That vote was delayed on fears that Germany would abstain.
The Truth About Why Ford Stopped Producing Cars

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Apr 9, 2023

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The Truth About Why Ford Stopped Producing Cars

Starting from powerful engines to stellar performance engineering, there's no doubt why
Ford is so ahead of all its competitors in the automobile market. But to fans' disappointment,
Ford announced back in 2018 that it would stop the production of cars, marking the end of a
legendary era. So what is the real reason behind it? What vision does Ford have in mind?
Watch this video till the end to know the full story.
CATL's Sodium-Ion Battery: Better than Lithium?


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Aug 9, 2021

Contemporary Amperex Technology or CATL recently unveiled their first generation sodium ion batteries for commercial use. I have been hearing a lot about this technology and thought that it would be worth talking about. Scientists started off developing sodium ion batteries right alongside lithium ion batteries. Over time, lithium rose to dominance and sodium fell by the wayside. But now things have changed, and sodium ion batteries have started to see renewed interest. In this video, we will briefly review sodium ion batteries, their state of development, and what their commercialization means for the renewable energy market at large.
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