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Thieves Are Targeting EV Chargers

Steven Symes

April 12, 2023·2 min read

How did the industry not see this coming?

A new report from The U.S. Sun highlights a problem we’ve seen touched on a few times already: thieves are targeting electric car chargers. We’re not talking about people getting robbed or having their car stolen as they sit and wait for it to charge, yet.

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The report focuses on thieves swiping the entire charging station from private residences or the charging cables from cars left unattended. With people having the chargers installed on the outside of their house, it invites people who are wanting to make quick money removing it in the middle of the night, something we’re shocked nobody thought about before.

We’ve also seen reports from police departments that thieves have been targeting public EV chargers. After all, they’re loaded with copper and over valuable materials. That problem seems to be random and small at the moment, but with plans for the federal government to dramatically increase the number of remote electric car chargers, it could become common.

While the expense of replacing a stolen charging cable or entire home charger will hit some people hard, it can also create an even bigger problem. If you rely on home charging to have enough juice to get around to your job and anywhere else daily, such a crime might dramatically alter how you get around.

As for the public chargers, when those are targeted it could affect people’s ability to continue driving as they’re in the middle of a trip. Enough EV owners have reported the fast chargers often are down thanks to software problems. If those and other chargers won’t work because thieves stripped them of parts, that has the potential to leave drivers stranded and calling for a wrecker to take their vehicle to a working charging station.

Unfortunately, thieves don’t respect EVs and their chargers just like how they love to steal cars that are being gassed up. We’ll see how this crime trend affects electric vehicle adoption moving forward.

Source: The U.S. Sun


Big Daddy

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We have a totally messed up generation that keeps on reinventing the wheel. The short attention spans are now showing up in foolishness that engulfs all around us. Since 2000, most of innovations are resource consumption innovations. Smart phones, EVs, etc. consume resources intensively and organizations are attempting to mine resources like crazy. What we have is desperation to keep growing population employed with products that have short life spans and are expensive. The result will be that we will have another market burst due to high inflation. Fewer resources will be left for future generations and all those smart phones will make their way into garbage dumps that will contaminate ground water and air. People keep chasing lithium and then sodium, etc. People setup factories of lithium batteries, destroy it in 10 years and then setup sodium ion batteries. All in the name of something new is being created when batteries were around for nearly 100 years.

Technology needs to stabilize and stay stagnant for decades and that benefits both the environment, inflation and most importantly peace of mind. Just look at petrol automobiles and traditional phones. For 50 years, nothing new came and people bought automobiles with peace of mind knowing that they will resell those products. Car maintainers learned their skills and retired with same skills. When a traditional phone or car was junk, it caused minimum environment damage. The EV cars will have computers and many other electronic things that will consume a lot of resources and create waste. We have a totally messed up world today and the future will be even worse.


Mediocre me
True. but this is not true just for cars. Most innovatiosn are like that.

Profit oriented mind set has to go away.

Do what is good for next generations. And it will fix.
Future is :
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LOL or ?

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