The Gods allow "Blor Betty",my KTMDuke390 passage to Zanskar-Solo

Gaurav Chopra

zestbiker-if there is a SPIRIT,I ride it
I got to know about the Zanskar region only after i joined BCMT with beautiful logs from many seasoned travelers inspiring me to visit.
This remote region is 1100kms away from home and the problem is that all the friends i made through BCMT had already visited the region sometime or the other-some even twice and hence I had no experienced company to join me - my regular friends are into the luxury stuff-if you know what i mean-roaming on broken roads in far off lands doesn't catch their fancy one bit-so no go from that side-wife and sons wanted to join in but with school,tutions,music classes and home responsibilities,that couldn't transpire either.
That left Blor Betty-my trusty Duke390 daily ride-and me alone to make the trip.
So after much cajoling,convincing and finally getting the blessings of my parents ,approval of the high stepper wifey,Blessings from the Lord's above,finally on a cool Sep29 2018,Blor Betty and me rolled towards Zanskar.











Gaurav Chopra

zestbiker-if there is a SPIRIT,I ride it
Preprations for the trip began immediately after approval from parents-saddle bags brought out from storage and packed by wifey,bike was serviced getting a new clutch,chain sprockets and chain ,aluminium 22mm self made handlebar risers and a new rear tyre .Packed in a puncture repair kit and a USB driven air compressor keeping in mind the bad roads from Paniker onwards.
Left home at 6.15am after a light breakfast and cruised at 110-120kmph to cross Udhampur at 11am.I finished my lunch at Peerah at 12pm and straight away ran into a traffic jam due to the ongoing four laning of the highway.Crossed Banihal only at 6.30pm and onwards to my home stay at Srinagar .Srinagar is a big big city and with a massive traffic jam on Baramulla road it took me almost 50minutes to reach my destination .


Road jam

Took a break at a tea stall opposite this temple

The first look of the Kashmir valley is always enticing

"The Homestay"-a place owned and run by S. Jagjit Singh (9419015555,7006535443) is a beautiful clean cozy place to stay for the night After a bath to wash of all the road grime, a sumptuous dinner and a long conversation with Jagjit ji,slept well and was up at 6.30am next morning fully fresh and ready to roll on the road to Kargil.Delicious Parathas were served and savored as breakfast from Jagjit ji's kitchen.Jagjit ji's hospitality was exemplary-no wonder he is the official publicity secretary for the Kashmir Hotel and Restaurant Federation.
Was on the road at 8.15am.
With my gracious host S. Jagjit Singh
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