The Golden City OF India-Jaisalmer


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Date- Somewhere in mid september
Place-Friend's place

Me: Chal yaar Kahin Ghumne ka plan karte hai.
Friends: Abhi nahin yaar. Maybe Next Month.
Me: Accha yeh to bata jaaye kaha????:confused:
Friend: Shimla,manali side dekhenge kahin aas pass.
Me: ok...

Cut to Dushera

Me: Bhailog Kahan Chalna hai???
Friends: Abhi decide nahin kiya.
Me: Rajasthan Chalen?
Friends: Kaha rajasthan mein?
Me: lets go to "JAISALMER"
Friends: Kaise?
Me: Train se aur Kaise.
Friends: Chal Ghar walon se pooch k final batate hai.

From Dushera till 9th Oct no news about wheather we are going or not..

Finally on 10th morning came to know about the good news from them that they have got permissions and now we are leaving for Jaisalmer.

Now the permission in hand,time in hand the final decision was of dates.

After a lot of discussions, finalized the date as 27th oct as departure and 31st as arrival back at home.

Now the real pain started.

The Train tickets- My friend Harshit booked the DLI-JSM express from DLI junction for 27th Evening but it was in Waitlist.
I booked the return tickets through IRCTC and luckily got confirmed ticket for 3AC.

Now it was the ultimate wait for 27th to arrive and we leave for the Golden city of India....

Next part coming soon.

Till then teaser pics.




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Jaisalmer-The golden city was always in my mind or i should rather say my checklist,since i have been to Jaisalmer for the first time during my school trip,10 years back.

I fell for the beauty of the place then.

After all theses years and travelling to different places,either by car or by bike, Exploring the Highest passes of Ladhakh to the serene beaches of Pondicherry,
going to the far west of India was on my mind.

So i discussed the plans with my friends-HARSHIT and MOHIT,both My friends during my school times,both Of them Engineers just like me.

It was my mastermind behind the whole convincing them about the trip of 2 nights in Jaisalmer and rest travelling...

After few Days of the finalizing the tickets, I purchased D5200 From AMAZON For some 31k for kit lens...

So this whole idea of the trip was something really special since i was waiting for the trip to start and also start clicking from my very own DSLR.

I m newbie at Clicking so please feel free to give suggestions about the clicks...

With this thought enjoyed the Diwali with Family and the ultimate wait for the Waiting list ticket to get confirmed started...

But but but,did we go by train???? or by road?? By car or By public transport... Wait for the Suspense to unfold...
Next update Coming soon...


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DAy-1 Delhi to Jaisalmer
DATE-27th OCT Night

Now After the Waiting game began for the train tickets to Get confirmed,an idea came to the minds,that lets make it a road trip,thus Finalized that we will board the Jaisalmer Volvo from Gurgaon on the 27th evening reaching jaisalmer the next day,taking almost same time as the train but with fewer stops.

So the First stop for the bus which we boarded was Behror.

Then we guys slept off after starting from Jaipur where the RSRTC bus was changed for going towards Jaisalmer and Jodhpur...
Most of the night we guys Slept well with little bit of bumps all along the single route(dont know when it ended).

The bus reached the Jodhpur bus stand in the Morning at 6AM and Started only at 6:45....

We enjoyed the morning tea in Jodhpur,which in my opinion was the best masala chai i had for a long time....

The bus started and then after an hour or so the driver stopped the bus at some resort type AT Sarkhala village...

Reached Jaisalmer at 11:45 after a bit of a delay....

Now for the Pics part of the first day night journey......






Now after Reaching the bus stand,as soon as we got down there were autowalahs and taxi guys trying to woo customers and we also fell in one of the traps of them,a guy said 300INR for a room and took us to a hotel,showed us a wonderful room and we thought that wow this room for 300 bucks is bang for the deal, but we asked for tariff he said 1500 for the room. We were like WTF,we leave him then and there and then started scouting for hotel when we found this ROYAL HAVELI.


The room in which we stayed.

The person was asking 1800 For the AC room but we said we will not be using any AC so he said 1500,we bargained for 1200rs per night for 2 nights..
But but but,did we stay in the same room for the second night,did we change the hotel? Wait for the upcoming posts to know about what happened...