The Golden City OF India-Jaisalmer


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Is 750 with fuel for both or each vehicle, and how they calculate hours or day charges.
750 for both the scooter since the tank capacity of activa's is only 5 litres max amount that can be filled is 400 so,750 for both activa's.

The time is calculated as in we asked for simply 48hours otherwise is i guess 24hours wise..
So we took the Scooty at 3pm in the evening on 28th and returned it at 3:30 pm on 30th.


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Time around 3:30 pm
Place: Khaba fort​

After a lot of photosessions and enjoying the beauty of the windy place we started back from the fort which is 2 kms upwards from the Khaba Village.

Now since we were thirsty we stopped at a Village and enquired about Water and to our surprise chilled water was available and that too Kinlley branded....

So we bought 2 bottles and gulped and finished one and started with simple agenda, to stop near a windmill and click pics...
But it turned out to be a Fun stop with Some Empty roads pictures....

Overloaded Tractor

Windmills in straight Line

Mohit checking out his phone

ME posing

Again Fun filled Shot.
Yeh sadak meri hai,main ghar nahin jayunga...


Harshit- doing Babaramdev wala pose

Our group selfie(though there are many But not uploading Phonepics right now)

Mohit with the trusted Activa.

The story behind the 2nd night coming soon.


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Date:29th Oct
Time:around 5 pm​

Now after enjoying the route and then around 5 Pm we were back at the hotel.

The hotel owner was eagerly waiting for us to return and then he requested us to shift to another hotel...
We were like WTF:shock::shock:.

But he explained the whole situation to us that it was his manager's (read Younger Brother's) mistake that he did not checked the online booking of some Gujrati family of say 20 people coming and staying in the hotel...

He simply said he can arrange another room for 1200 bucks or we can sleep in the dormitory in the basement of the hotel.

We first thought we are not leaving this room and then after a little bit of discussion we thought lets check out the other hotel he is talking about...

Then Me and mohit went to the other hotel he was talking about and didn't like the rooms there so we thought lets stay in the dorm since we know the hotel and the view of the fort at night from the Rooftop restaurant is fantastic...

We then shifted our stuff to the Dorm and left for the dinner in the fort road where we had kebabs... They were delicious to say the least...

After eating dinner we thought lets give Gadisar lake a night visit. And the whole lake was deserted.. no soul in sight nothing...

Now let me show you the pics without much delay...

The place where we had dinner that night.

Deserted Gadisar lake at Night.

View of Fort from Gadisar lake

This pic has a story of its own, I put the Camera on the Camera bag and setting the shutter speed as 10s i pressed the Shutter,but after getting up i dont know i forgot and accidently pulled the camera and then realized what i have done... But Pic is worth sharing for my mistake.

The next Shot which i clicked without picking up the camera,with 10s shutter speed.

Harshit and Mohit with the rides of ours

Back at the hotel and some Fort view from the top of the Restaurant


ME(excuse the hair:p)

The Guy in the centre was a restaurant service boy who was really excited to see the DSLR and wanted to get clicked so i Clicked him with Harshit and Mohit

Another long exposure shot of the fort.

Finally Day 2nd In Jaisalmer came to an end. The next Day Log coming soon.