The Great Indian Road trip continued...


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This is a continuation to our pan India (almost) road trip that we did during lockdown. The log for this leg of the trip has been created under North India, instead of NE to make the posts relevant. NE trip log is here for your reference.

Journey so far


Leg 4 : Siliguri > Lucknow > New Delhi > Jaipur


What's coming up ?
- Gorakhpur Dham
- Khane wala chicken aur pehenne wala chikan
- Da da da da da da Dilli
- The land of dal baati churma






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My cousin had to get back to Delhi after a very long covid stay at home and he had to take back his car. The problem is he was not very confident of such a long drive. So I decided to accompany him and also take this opportunity to visit places on the way. While we had originally planned to start on a Saturday morning, the evening before we thought..."Kyun na aaj hi shuru kiya jaye ?".

Eventually after much deliberation, we left for ....well wherever we reach by 11pm. Last time when we can on this road (read my NE trip posts), we stopped at a dhaba near on NH27 and had 'Champaran Chicken'. Back in home we had praised it so much that my Dad (who was accompanying us) for the road trip, had decided to have it. That resulted in a one hour long search for the dhaba at night 10 on NH27. Eventually when we found it, the wait was worth it. If you ever some to this part of India, try this out - Maa Tara line hotel

Baba enjoying the much awaited 'Champaran Chicken'


By the time we finished out dinner it was already midnight and getting a hotel on this road was out of question. We slept in the car though it was a uncomfortable for Baba, for sure.
Next morning we woke up by 5, had a cup of tea from the same dhaba, packed 2 parathas each and started for our journey. Driving early morning is always a fun. Not just because you get to drive fast on a traffic free road, but also because mornings in the Countryside are usually surreal.


Our target for the day was Lucknow by afternoon and then spend the rest of the day site seeing Lucknow. We reached Gorakhpur bypass by 12:30 and decided to take a ride through the city. We did not realize that this detour would cost us another 1.3 hour stuck in traffic. But at least we got to see Gorakhpur Dhaam. What was interesting was I could observe many Napali tourists in Gorakhpur Dhaam. Obviously Nepal is very close to this place.



We eventually reached Lucknow by 4.


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We took a couple of hours rest and a nice cold shower before we headed for the Lucknow center.....We were staying in Gomti Nagar.

Lucknow is one such place, for which I did not carry any preconceived notion of how the city will be, except gutkha eaters. But instead I got a nice chilled vibe in the city. It was as if people enjoy their life in Lucknow. Roads are mostly neat and clean, people mostly follow traffic and city walls are mostly colored in terracotta. We reached Lucknow on a Saturday evening. It being a weekend, the Gomti river front was full of visitors. But none the less, the weather was nice and cold, people enjoying their evening snacks and college goers enjoying their friend gathering. First impression of Lucknow was quite impressive.


After spending an hour by Gomti we headed for Aminabad. Well let me be honest, all that we heard about food in Lucknow is Tonday Kabab and Iddrees ki biryani. We had no clue of what Aminabad is all about. But boy o boy, what a lively market it is. Loved the black and white color scheme of most of the shops. To me it looked like people in Lucknow live and die for food and shopping. Truly impressive. After a 15 mins wait for a table we finally got one and quickly ordered for the quintessential Tonday kabab and rumali roti. There is one in Bangalore as well and compared to it, the Lucknow one tasted slightly bland in my opinion. Anyways we did miss the opportunity to have every other kind of street food possible on our way back. Truly a food lovers paradise.

Pahenne wala Chikan


Khane wala chicken


The next morning we started our day with a wholesome plate of bedmi poori, alu bhuna sabji, galebi and headed for the historical sites. The auto guy charged us Rs 200 to show places which was actually situated within a 1km in radius. Lucknow in all appeared to be a nice mix of old and new City. In conclusion, I would love to stay here for few years to experience UP.