The hidden paradise with splendid beauty and sparkling lakes – Arunachal

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I have visited many places and closely interacted with localities. The more I travel the more I am addicted towards visiting adoring places. I can quote that a well blend of people, food, scenic beauty and cozy weather together makes the place perfect to release accumulated dearth of pleasure in our daily routine. However Arunachal is a place which has taken me a back by its natural beauty with picturesque valleys and lakes alone. It is truly a place to rejuvenate your senses and fill in fresh air within. The colorful flower and greenery seems to beckon me to take a comfort break from the hassles and bushels of our life. The valleys in the isolated and barren lands give us peace equivalent to meditation and sooth the eyes tired of seeing the laptop day by day with its colorful bushes.

Arunachal Selected1.jpg

Going forward let me take through the wonderful trip step by step…..

National holiday 2nd October 2015 being on Friday and 12th October Mahalaya being on next Monday lured us to compile weekends and some plan leaves and design a trip plan for 11 days. We had already learned a lot about the icy mountains and tedious roads of Western Arunachal from friends who have already made road trips to the place, hence we made a list of essentials accordingly. Our Bolero was stuffed with all car utility to avoid any halt due to manageable breakdowns. For ourselves we were ready with cooking utensils, cereals, packed food, small gas stove, water, large umbrella, solar light, medical kit, clothing, etc.

Just Before we Start.. ODO is zero and tank is full.


Loaded with all necessary things for four people.


The requisite permission ILP (inner line permit) was obtained from Arunachal Bhawan situated in Saltlake, Kolkata well in advance. No separate permission is required for vehicle in Arunachal and the permission to visit Bumla has to be obtain in Tawang in Arunachal. Obtaining ILP is very simple as you need to submit a photo copy of voter card duly attested by a gazetted officera and two passport size color photograph. The cost of the form is Rs. 10/- and permission charge is Rs. 40/- for a total of 6 people.

The permission for Bumla need to be obtain from the DC office. After getting the permission from DC, the set of documents has to be submitted to the Brigadier of Tawang to complete the total process of permit. In general the DC office collects the permission forms after 10:00 AM and delivers the permit at around 3:30 PM. The Brigadier issues the permit after 8:00 PM if the document are submitted within 6:00 PM. You can collect the final permit on the same day after 8:00 PM or next day in between 6:00 – 7:00 AM.




Brigadier permit for Bumla

To be continued ...

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Day 0 and Day 1 (October 1st and 2nd 2015)

As usual we started at 8:30 PM to avoid local traffic at daytime and driving for a long stretch is easier for driver and car both. We had a plan to transverse through NH34 to reach Dalkhola. Meanwhile a friend who travelled the same route the earlier day updated not to take NH-34 till Baharampur as the jam on the road is very uncertain. Hence the last minute decision was to reach Farakka via Bolepore-Kuli. To make it possible we had to travel extra 60 KM. While crossing Bolepore we had to cross a tunnel and we got stuck at the entrance point as numerous trucks were passing by from the opposite bay. A bolero pickup driver who was behind us came to our aid and guided us to cross the tunnel as our giant dared to roar at a monster and forced it to stop and give way.


On NH2 towards Burdwan


On NH2B towards Bolepur.. See the line of truck

While we reached Farakka it was already dawn, and so had to face traffic jam till Dalkhola. The road condition was so worse that there were number of truck breakdown on the way and that enhanced the traffic jam. Local commuters ( TATA-Majic ) carried the passenger half way and left them as they could not reach their destination because of the craters created on the road.


In between Moregram and Farakka..


Crossing Farakka ...

Finally after crossing all the huddles we reached Dalkhola at 12:30 PM. We took a long break, had our lunch and then started off for Siliguri at 2:00 PM.


Near Maldah.. having our breakfast

On the way we decided to go beyond Siliguri as we had nothing to do at Siliguri and moving ahead would help us to makup for the time lapse due to road condition and truck jams faced that day. We took the bypass at Siliguri towards Alipurduar and reached there at 9:30 PM. It was late enough and we all were tired after 25 hours and 790KM of journey. We had a quick dinner after being fresh and went to deep sleep.


In between Siliguri and Alipurduar


In between Siliguri and Alipurduar

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Day 2 (October 3rd 2015)

The next day was another long journey as we targeted to enter Bhalukpong. The total distance to be travelled was around 500 KM. We left at 8:00 AM, the day was sunny and was delight to travel. On our way we stopped at a bridge to glance at the river filled with water and making way towards small hills. Though it was a highway with good road conditions the driver has to be alert at all moments as one may be face to face to another vehicle coming from the opposite side in the same lane. The people out there are too casual to obey the highway norms and crossed the roads as they felt like. Apart from this there is nothing much to say about this day. We reached Tejpur at around 5:30 PM.

TKD_5176 (2).jpg

In between Alipurduar and Tejpur

TKD_5179 (2).jpg

Somewhere In between Alipurduar and Tejpur

TKD_5186 (2).jpg

Dalgaon Dhaba.. Must try local chicken in Tejpur Area..


Road towards Guwahati..


Road towards Guwahati..


Road towards Guwahati..


Road towards tejpur

We were not sure whether we would be allowed to enter Bhalukpong after 6:30 PM. So we called up some of the local travel agents to ascertain the fact. A friendly travel agents confirm on phone that we can enter Bhalukpong after 6:00 PM if we had the ILP. Hearing this we were rejoiced and stopped for a tea break at Tejpur. Few local people warned us that the way beyond Tejpur is complete forest area and is of high risk. They also advised us to pass through the forest in group of busses. However we could not find any bus on the way to accompany us. We sat hooked to our seats all our senses alert staring at the road. Kept our GPS aligned to mark the curves in advance to minimize the risk. I was having my eye balls turning over my rear view mirrors to find and unwanted vehicle following us. We drove to cover the 60 KM lonely road in just 45 mins.

At Bhalukpong check gate we took a breath of relief. We were asked to produce the ILP and vehicle papers there. After al vigilance we asked the officer if we could go to Tippi. He advise us to stay at Bhalukpong as all the hotels and market place were situated there. As Tippi was only 5 km away we decided to check out the place. The place was not that interesting and neither was there any good place to stay. We drove back to search the hotel at Bhalukpong. At the outskirt we saw a hotel Salu which seemed pleasant and hence we checked in. The ambiance of the hotel was good with small huts built in the open space. There was a river flowing down stare where we sat to admire the moon at night. In this hotel we also tried a local dish ‘Chicken boiled with bamboo shoots’ which had a pungent smell but was good to taste.

TKD_5197 (2).jpg

Hotel parking area at Bhalukpong


Way to our hotel at Bhalukpong


Inside Hotel


Inside Hotel


View from the hotel at Bhalukpong.. Will try to upload some pic of night time with starts and moon.


Our hotel at Bhalukpong

To be continued ..... Day 3 and more ...


Amazing start.. Waiting for more pics... I have stayed at Hotel Solu too and yes teh views of the river are amazing from here.