The hidden paradise with splendid beauty and sparkling lakes – Arunachal

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Thanks bondhutto.

Please see my reply inline -

Completed the log in single sitting. Awesome!

Alipurduar is the place where I was born, and I am a BE from Jalpaiguri Engineering College. Therefore I have lot of memories and nostalgia about those places. It was a short but crispy narration, the pictures told the story more than the words.

Now, some questions.

1. How was the density of Petrol Pumps in the entire trip? - Don't know exactly. I filled the fuel tank and 20L jerrycan at Bomdila. Which was sufficient for Tawang circuit.

2. What was the approximate cost of fuel? - Little less than price in WB. You can check current price from different site like

3. Did you try the eastern part of Arunachal any time? Any idea if it would be worth visiting that area? - Not tried yet, have a plan for central and eastern. I know some people who has visited Central Arunachal and its really good.