The hidden paradise with splendid beauty and sparkling lakes – Arunachal


Hooked to the story. The half moon pic is awesome! As usual, great narration, great adventure!! Carry on, bro!

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Day 3 (October 4th 2015)

The last two days was mainly the transport section of the trip. After spending a wonderful night at Bhalukpong we awaited to enjoy the beauty of Arunachal. So we started early at the morning to capture the beauty in camera on the go. Just as we left the hotel we were guided to visit the Orchid garden nearby. Unluckily it was closed for the day to enter the main yard, however we could glance at the orchids from a distance.

TKD_5214 (2).jpg


Unknown falls just after few miles from Bhalukpong.

Very common view of hill roads.

Next we moved ahead for some miles and was stunned with the presence of Kash flowers at the banks of Kameng River. The presence of the river surrounded by the Kash flower gave the valley a new look indicating the onset of Puja Season. We admire the place for some moments and captured the memories in camera. Moving for some more odd miles we saw a hanging bridge at Gelling on the same river. We could see the river originating from the hills and splashing over the rocks in the urge to move ahead.

TKD_5227 (2).jpg

The hanging bridge in Gelling


Kash flowers on banks of Kameng River


On the way to Bomdila

TKD_5253 (2).jpg

Another hanging bridge on the way to Bomdila

TKD_5260 (2).jpg

Cultivation area on the river bank.

Our next break was at Bomdila where we stopped to have a look at Bomdila Monastery. The monastery is situated at an elevated height from where one can relish the wide valley of Bomdila. The monastery is being renovated at the moment. As the monastery was situated on top of the hill and there was an open space with provision to have tea under an umbrella. One can enjoy the sunset with a cup of tea / coffee sitting there and watching the colorful valley of Bomdila. There was another monastery above the Bomdial monastery but the monk said that the roads are too worse and we had to trek to reach that, Hence we abode the plan as we were already hungry and time for lunch was getting over. I will try to upload a video of my Bolero climbing the hill to reach the Bomdila monastery.


View of Bomdila city from the monastery

TKD_5266 (2).jpg

TKD_5269 (2).jpg


Bolero is taking rest at Bomdila Monastery


Closer view of Bomdila from the monastery


We spent the afternoon pleasing the eyes

TKD_5301 (2).jpg

Bomdila Monastery

From there we stepped down and took the road towards Dirang. About 2-3 KM ahead of Dirang we saw a Nyingmapa Monastery and decide a pay of visit. This is the place from where one can see river Dirang flowing across the valley serving as a source of life for the people. The city of Dirang was also seen as patches of cultivation could be easily identified from the monastery. The children of the monastery wandered all around enjoying the evening by playing over the cart, practicing some football kick and running with friends. Girls spent time taking care of their siblings. There was a butter lamp temple which was locked but we peeped inside and saw hundreds of lamps filled with butter. Each and every monastery in Arunachal has a butter lamp temple where hundreds of lamps are enlighten to pay homage to their God.


Way to Dirang

TKD_5307 (2).jpg

Patches of cultivation in Dirang


Valleys of Dirang from Nyingmapa Monastery


Nyingmapa Monastery

TKD_5322 (2).jpg

Children playing around @ Nyingmapa Monastery

TKD_5326 (2).jpg

Some Structures @ Nyingmapa Monastery

TKD_5328 (2).jpg

Some Structures @ Nyingmapa Monastery


Don't disturb me while playing ...

Noting is good, nothing is bad..
TKD_5341 (2).jpg


@ Nyingmapa Monastery


@ Nyingmapa Monastery


@ Nyingmapa Monastery

TKD_5355 (2).jpg

@ Nyingmapa Monastery

TKD_5365 (2).jpg

Its play time @ Nyingmapa Monastery


Thank you ... visit again.


Leaving the monastery ..

Dirang is a beautiful hill station in west Kameng district beside the Dirang Chu. Dirang is a pleasant place to enjoy the apple and kiwi orchards. As we spent long time in the monastery we were already late and it was dark. Hence we decided to search for a hotel and we had a plan for picnic in the back of our mind. We checked in into the hotel (Snow Lion) where the owner was humble enough to allow us to use the parking area for cooking. We cooked our dinner beneath the roof of sparkling starts and finished the day staring at the clear dark glittering sky.


On the way to Dirang


On the way to Dirang

TKD_5394 (2).jpg

Picnic time

Time for chef.. not for driver ... :partyman:


Almost ready for dinner..

To be continued day 4 and more .....
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While completing the other days you can enjoy the video of the journey to Bumla after Y Junction

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