The Imperial Palace - Manali


Armchair Traveller :(
This hotel is also in my "Never Visit Again" list. This palace is welcome destination for everyone including chilled air of manali's december. Hotels main gate was made up of big glass and was broken down due to some reason and then due to losses this hotel was making, they never cared to get it repaired. Hence in early morning and evening, extreme cold was felt in the rooms.

Hotel itself seemed to be quite old, due to the pathetic decoration it carried. Rooms were really shabby. Bathroom had tubs but no lid to store water, hence useless.

Service was even worse. One evening while I was having dinner while moving on one side a nail hit into my arm and it started bleeding badly. I was really angry then but then it wasn't going to help quarreling with the management.

Next morning we shifted to honeymoon in which is quite nearby and was quite good in all respects.