The Investment Thread

Yogesh Sarkar

Those who had black money stashed in Swiss Banks, have long since moved it elsewhere. And while they might have a bit of bitcoin in their portfolio, it isn’t going to be much more than a way to launder money, pay for illicit goods and get ransoms.

Swiss banks were charging their depositors to keep the money, depositors weren’t looking for returns, just a safe place to park their money and in that respect, bitcoin is useless. It is neither safe nor will likely have the same value few months or years down the line.
Investment in Property is also out of question as Adhaar Card will be soon linked to it statewise.
What about the black money that will be generated in 2018 ?
Where it will go now ?

Yogesh Sarkar

Even if Aadhaar is linked to property, it won’t really be all that difficult to invest black money in it, as it can be done through shell companies, NGOs, schools and by using individuals as a front. It will just take a little more effort, which essentially means the money managers will be more in demand.


Yes, I also find it useful. Thanks a lot for the info. I'm totally new to investments, so I just learn about it. Found many interesting info on the website if someone needs this too. I haven't invested anything yet, but I'm eager about this idea.
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