The Ladakh foodie pit stops.....


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Ladakh is most probably everyone´s favourite destination....certainly the bikers do love ladakh. I beleive if you have a love for travelling...then you would in all probability be a FOODIE. even if its the humble Chai...Maggi. my kids loved this Ladakh trip coz they gorged on Maggis everywhere.

before i start....let me say for me its the small shacks, huts and humble dhabas over the swanky Haveli chain types which are mushrooming all over. thankfully Ladakh has simple shacks with delicious maggi, chai and paranthas...all served with homely warmth. nothing to beat that.

We started for Leh from Manali.....

we arrived in Manali after 2 pm and headed straight for IL FORNO......famous Italian joint near Hadimba temple. well recently the owners have changed and the Italian lady has sold it to somebody. i don´t know who...but its a businessman of sorts. now here is the difference, when a passionate Chef is running a place and a businessman is. difference is in the food. i could tell from the Warm Chicken Salad and Pizza.

i would not return to IL FORNO now...i rather have the good memories of before....


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As you can all SEE....the TOPPINGS ARE NON EXISTANT.....

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i Had the most delicious Pizzas in Leh at Gesmo.....


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Next Food stop was ...La Plage....

best food i had in a really long time. delicious!!...

here are some views and pics of La PLage......and last pic is of a warm...delicious...French Onion Soup....Perfect..



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Hi Rickey. Wonderful thread. Will be closely following this one & for your information the Italian lady of Ill Forno has now joined hands with Johnsons Lodge. I met her there and the pizza's of Johnsons Lodge have suddenly become heavenly.