The long and winding Himalayan trails

Apoorv SHarma

Eat, Ride, Sleep, Repeat!
The long and winding Himalayan trails
A tail of Copper and Changpa land.....

A trip to Ladakh was in my heart for quite a long time. It was mid 2009 when I was in a cab to Rohtang La with my college mates, when I saw a biker with lots of stuff tied to rear seat and full riding gear on, driving in the rain, making his way past the traffic heading towards Rohtang La and beyond. I asked our cabby, what on earth was that about? He said, every year few crazy bikers embark upon a remarkable journey which starts from Manali and ends at Leh. They have to go through high mountain passes, crazy water crossings, slush and one hell of a treacherous road to reach Leh. Back then, I wasn’t even aware that a place as majestic and grand as Ladakh even existed. So I went home astounded with what I had seen, I just couldn’t fathom why these guys were doing what they were doing without even realizing that I had caught the same bug of travel and riding.

Year 2014, I was in my first year of my first ever job. I decided to ask for 1 month leaves to finally fulfill my dream for so long, because let’s be honest, anything less than 1 month would not be able to justify the grandeur of this beautiful patch on Planet Earth. I spoke to my boss and made a deal that I will not take any leave for 1 whole year to make this happen and to my surprise, he agreed. Here is a glimpse of what I experienced and what is to come in this tail of living a dream:

We saw the lake of moon


Drove on highway of dreams

Even a snow blizzard above 5000m didn't deter us

Experienced the peace, history and legacy of ancient monasteries

Drove along the banks of sea of blue that is Pangong Tso

Camped here too

Got lost in the middle of nowhere

Met herds of Kiang in vast planes that Chinese want to take away

Found my own paradise

Witnessed the majestic and beautiful work of Mother Nature in its raw and gigantic form

True to its name, the Copper Land

Next Part: Itinerary
PS. apologies to BCMTians for being a lazy bum and delaying this for over a year.
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