The powder room photologue

Lo Pan

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Weirdest Loo on the entire trip, was on the ground floor, with transparent windows and right on the main road.. Also first and last Indian style on the entire stretch.. thankfully

Suru Valley:
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Truly a veritable paradise at Leh
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Nubra valley Turtuk
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Unknown GH Diskit
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Lo Pan

I have a compulsive need to document the conditions at my base camp, whether it be for a night, a week or even longer. So I though I would put my predilection to to serve the needs of the community and thence this thread.. :)

For me my porcelain thrones are no less than those graced by members of Royalty/Nobility and are vital to my emotional well being, to quote;

modern 'toilets' are large flushable porcelain bowls
which catch waste from both your and my exit holes.
i'm used to white ones with large flush-water tank.
a hidden pipe carries off stuff that often does smell rank.

some in India were quite different……with no way to sit!
i'm glad i found 'my style' when t'was time to shit.
and if from toilet-paper usage you're leaning,
some toilets have the choice of an in-bowl shower, for cleaning.

toilet seats are sometimes colored, or cushioned, or even heated;
for me, more important (at times) is JUST to be SEATED!

toilets have changed since they were just holes in the ground.
i hope, when i 'need' a toilet, one's always around!


Bri Edwards