The 'Rajnikanth' Thread!


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A farmer instead of keeping a SCARE CROW in his farm kept photo of RAJNIKANT.
You cannot imagine, what happened.

Birds were bringing back grains taken last year :p

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Rajnikant got selected in Roadies. Next day at voteout

Rajnikant - I am sorry Raghu, aapka roadies ka safar yahan khatam hota hai :p

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A frustated message from Rajnikant to all....

"Saalon ek limit hoti hai...
Ab yeh kaun likh raha hai ki...
Rajnikant poty khata hai our piche se roti nikalti hai" :p:p
Last one unwarranted. Not in good spirit. Please avoid

John Mathai

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Once Rajnikant got into a fight with Superman. The loser had to wear his underwear over his pant for the rest of his life.

Once Dinosaurs borrowed money from Rajnikanth and refused to pay him back. That was the last time someone saw Dinosaurs.

Rajnikanth can build a snowman…out of rain.

When Rajnikanth enters a room, he doesn’t turn the lights on…. he turns the dark off.

Rajnikant’s codes are never reviewed; if he makes an error, that’s an invention.

Rajnikanth warned everyone to stop making jokes on him.

Otherwise… He’ll delete the Internet.

All scientists failed to answer this but Rajnikant did.

Q. Which liquid turns solid on heating?
Rajnikant: DOSA

Once Rajni and Time had a race.
Result: Time is still running.

Rajnikanth never uses sunscreen lotion, the sun uses RAJNIlotion.

Rajnikanth is the secret of Boost’s energy.

The world will not end in 2012, Rajnikanth has bought a computer with a 3 year warranty.


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Re: Jokes (Only clean jokes here, please!)


Why does the needle of a Magnetic compass always point North?
Because Rajnikant lives in south & nobody dares to point at him...!

People Update Status Via BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Etc..
Rajnikant Updates Status Via Calculator...

Reporter to Rajnikant: how many jokes have been made on you till now?
Rajni: only 2 or 3.
Reporter: only 2 or 3?
Rajni: enna RASCALA! Rest all are facts!

Rajnikanth's dog's house has a signboard on it, saying..
Maalik Se Sawdhan!

Once Rajnikant Decided To Race With Time.. & The Result Is Time Is Still Running

Rajnikant participated in 1000 m race and obviously he came first But EINSTEIN died after watching that Coz ...
LIGHT came second...

Galileo used 'Lamp' to Study, Graham bell used 'Candle' to study, Shakshpeare studied in 'Street lights' But .....
Do u know about Rajnikant......???? Only Agarbatti

When Rajnikant was a student! You can't guess this one... Teachers used to bunk!

While playing once Rajnikant said "statue" to a girl...
Now that Statue is know as "Statue of Liberty

"Rajinikanth's calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd, no one fools Rajnikant.

Once Rajnikant was playing cricket in the monsoons.... and .... The rain was cancelled due to the match.

One day Rajnikant gone 4 morning walk & in afternoon police arrstd him..
WHY? Bcoz he reachd USA witout visa

Why did british leave India in 1947? Bcoz.
they came to know Rajnikant was going to be born in 1948...

This Msg. is being Sent in the Interest of Humanity-"Guys Please Stop making Jokes on Rajnikant or else he will Delete the INTERNET..."


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Rajnikanth used to study in agarbatti in his school days ?? :p I know abt this only.
If there is other Rajnikanth agarbatti, please let us know.


Rajnikanth was playing drums. A huge spacecraft entered earth and a firce looking alien stepped out.....

He walked up to Rajnikanth, folded his hands and said 'Sir, could you tone down a bit. My son has maths exam tomorrow!'


No one lies to Rajnikant........not even a Woman
Rajnikant knows what a woman is thinking

No woman dare ask Rajni to take her shopping.

Shakespere wrote "whats in a name" and added conditions apply. Exception Rajnikant.

Indiana Jones used Rajnikant's single hair to make that freaking whip.

Rajnikants phone does not need a sim card...All service providers divert their customers calls through Rajni's phone

Manmohan doesn't talk too he doesn't want to offend Rajni by showing that he is in control of the nation.

In Every office there is a person who wants to be Rajni...he is called "THE BOSS".

Rajni knows the name, age and department of all 33 crore hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Rajni thinks, the Particle collider is a waste of money..He could have created the God particle using a Hand blender in is kitchen.


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Parvati: Prabhu, Aapki trishul kaha hai?

Shankar bhagwan: Rajnikanth le gaya hai:(

Parvati : Kyun???

Shankar bhagwan: Maggi khane


All parties unanimously agree to support NaMo unconditionally for PM post.
They said "itni chhoti si baat ke liye Rajni Sir ko beech me Lane ki kya jarurat thi" .