The Ranthambore Escapade 2015

Yogesh Sarkar

BCMTouring’s official multistate meet is back, this time it is going to be held in Ranthambore on 11th and 12th April, 2015.

Plan: BCMTians will be assembling at Hotel Ananta Palace on 11th April (Saturday) and official dinner meet would be held in the evening. On 12th, there will be 2 safaris taking place in Ranthambore National Park (one in morning and one in evening), followed by another dinner meet at the hotel.

Official Hotel for this meet is Ananta Palace and rooms are available on first come first serve basis. So make sure to book ASAP, since there are only limited number of rooms available at the hotel.

-----Booking Closed for Safari, those who book now, are responsible for arranging their own safari.-----

Room Charges
Deluxe Room: Rs. 1,500 (inclusive of tax)
Super Deluxe Room: Rs. 1,800 (inclusive of tax)
Children 5 to 10 years: Rs. 700 per day (inclusive of tax, breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Children 10 years and above: Rs. 1,200 per day (inclusive of tax, breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Food Charges (meal coupons should be purchased during check in)

Breakfast: Rs. 200 per person
Lunch: Rs. 300 per person
Evening snacks and dinner: Rs. 450 per person

Safari Charge: Rs. 600 per person per safari by Canter

Booking procedure

Based on the type and number rooms you are booking and number of safaris you are planning to do, you will have to transfer the amount to Hotel Ananta Palace’s account (given below) and email your details in the given format to [email protected] and [email protected].

Bank Details
Account Name- Hotel Ananta Palace
Account Number- 18472000000691
Hdfc Bank Sawai Madhopur ( Branch )
IFC Code- Hdfc0001847

Email format for booking
NEFT transaction no:
Amount transferred:
BCMTouring username:
Contact no:
Number of rooms required on 11-4-15 (please mention super deluxe if booking super deluxe room):
Number of rooms required on 12-4-15 (please mention super deluxe if booking super deluxe room):
Number of adults:
Number of Children 5 to 10 years:
Number of Children 10 years and above:
Number of people for morning safari:
Number of people for evening safari:

Contact person at Hotel Ananta Palace: Mr. Yusuf Khan, 09460325396.
Contact person for BCMT Meet: Yogesh Sarkar, 9891211270 & 9868893854.

Disclaimer: Rooms are available on twin sharing basis. If you are traveling alone, then you need to pay half the room charges and you will be accommodated with another BCMTian traveling alone. All booking disputes will have to be taken up directly with Hotel Ananta Palace; we require above details only for reference and to calculate number of people attending the meet and we are in no way responsible for any financial transaction taking place between you and the hotel.

Confirmed List

1-2. Salil +1
3-5. Far_Ryder +2
6. Bhuwan
7. Yogeshenfield
8. Deejay
9. Western Motorsports
10. darkside_of_d_sun
11. Yogesh Sarkar
12-13. raghujamwal +1
14. SumitV
15-17. Invincible + 2
18-19. Kulshresthazone + 1
20-22. Vickychd + 2
23-25. RKBharat + 2
26-29. Rajiv Solanki + 3
30. psrinivasan63
31. Veeru
32-34. Shamim Akhtar + 2
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Re: The Ranthambore Escaped 2015

Excellent plan, excellent prices for the hotel and also the safari prices. The hotel, I hear offers good services and is located at a really good place. There are a few suggestions, that I will PM them to YS, and if he is open to them (as sometimes changing plans can get difficult) he may put them on here.


Yogesh Sarkar

Thanks DKay.

Guys, as per update from DKay, price of Safari is supposed to go up from 20th March. We are confirming with the hotel, whether or not the price quoted by them is the new price or the old one. In case this is the old price, then we will update the first post with the new one.


Would there be any Car Pooling options available from Delhi (or) Bombay? :)

Solo traveller from Chennai, Could not get a proper flight to Jaipur, would prefer flying into Delhi and car pool till Ranthambore.

Worst case is to fly to Jaipur and take a bus / taxi till the Hotel. (but need to recheck on flight timings).
I am in and will be solo!!!! Open for riding all the way or for the car pool too. Put me the in the confirmed list YS. [MENTION=333]rkbharat[/MENTION] Rajiv bhaiyya, what's the status on your confirmation?


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I am going solo as well. Also open to riding or car pool.
[MENTION=4850]Ananth[/MENTION] I have a Honda Unicorn if you wanna ride down from Delhi mate. Anyways, a car pool should work out.



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YS what a lovely trip you have planned. What joy to be with friends and family in a great place like RTR. I will be there in spirit.. Hope you see lots of tigers..:)

Another thought, you may want to consider dedicating this outing to our famous tiger GD. That way his memory will go on. Hope you do not mind me laying out what is on my mind. Wished I was there, all.
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Shantanu Roy

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Another thought, you may want to consider dedicating this outing to our famous tiger GD. That way his memory will go on. Hope you do not mind me laying out what is on my mind.
+1 to KD sir....that would be lovely in my humble opinion too.
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