The Ranthambore Escapade 2015

Yogesh Sarkar

Thanks @rajpalrao and @hackernewbie

=D>Oh!!..... at last the most awaited log of the year from the MOD himself.Eagerly waiting.O:)O:)
Most awaited travelogue of the year? :-k well that might be true, but I have to say, this was one of the most loveliest trips of my life and one that would likely rank amongst the top forever.

Lovely start:)
You have missed inserting pics of tiger in the collage?
Didn't see any tiger and didn't wanted to see any :D

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Thanks @rajpalrao and @hackernewbie

Most awaited travelogue of the year? :-k well that might be true, but I have to say, this was one of the most loveliest trips of my life and one that would likely rank amongst the top forever.
  • Well any forest travelogue is special.
  • This one being from RTR makes it very special.
  • And above all,... the team consisting of BCMTian makes it very very special.:-D:-D:D:D:D
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Yogesh Sarkar

11th April 2015, Delhi to Ranthambore

I managed to reach Amit's residence at around 4:15am and had to wait for a short while, since he had gone to pick up Shivani.

Once he was back, we loaded the Scorpio with luggage and even though Amit was limping quite a bit, he was adamant he would be able to drive to Ranthambore and that too after taking diversion to Jaipur, to pick up Ananth.

Soon Lalita and Shivani were ready and got in the car and we began our journey to Ranthambore.

However before that, we wanted to meet rest of the gang heading to Ranthambore Escapade. So we stopped at Manesar McDonalds, where we were soon joined by Vicky and his kids, Sachin and his wife, Richa and Rahul and his niece.

After chatting for a while at McDonalds, we decided to move on with everyone heading to Ranthambore and our Scorpio heading to Jaipur.

Our next break came at Hotel Highway King for breakfast, while I wanted to us push on knowing Jigisha’s flight was to land at 8:30 and it was 8 already, I couldn’t do that, considering both the ladies were hungry and Amit was obviously tired. Add to that, gear box of Scorpio was acting up a little bit as well and we hoped it would get better after cooling down a bit.

After a hearty meal, it was time to hit the road again and although the Scorpio was performing better, it was at times still missing gears. By the time we reached Jaipur, it was already 11am and poor Jigisha had been waiting outside the airport since 8:30. Navigating through the streets of Jaipur was somewhat tough thanks to the narrow route Google Aunty chose for us and add to that, it was so hot now, that even with the AC at full blast, we were sweating a bit.

We finally managed to reach the airport at 11:30, while Amit stayed next to the Scorpio; I went to look for Jigisha, who was sitting not far from where we were. After Jigisha gave Amit a nice surprise and after a good laugh, it was time to load her luggage in to the car and head on to Ranthambore.

Initially we took the wrong route to Ranthambore, which was supposedly in bad condition. Thankfully I did speak to Bhuwan, who guided us on to the right route. We also set Google Aunty to navigate us to Dausa, instead of Ranthambore, in order to ensure she wouldn’t lead us astray.

Now the next problem was music, none of us had brought any pen drives with us and I only had a few songs in my mobile phone, while Shivani’s phone wouldn’t sync properly. So we had little choice but to listen to same songs multiple times. Until Shivani's phone synced for a short while and we could listen to something else.

Once we were out of Jaipur, temperature came down a bit and with clouds hovering overhead, it was a pleasant drive till Dausa.

Few kilometers before the city, we took diversion for Lalsot and got on the single lane yet beautiful state highway.

Around noon we were all feeling hungry and thirsty, so we stopped for food at a small dhaba. While the dhaba was small, guy serving us was great and a bit of overconfident comic. Which made our short conversation with him fun. Add to that, food was decent as well and we finally got to drink some really chilled water.

We knew it was going to be quite late by the time we reached Ranthambore and with the weather turning beautiful, we finally took a photography break and I got to put my camera to some good use.




After a shortish photography break, it was time to move on.

We eventually managed to reach Hotel Ananta Palace at around 4:15pm and by that time, weather had turned almost rainy. In fact by the time I checked in and went on over to meet Bhuwan and rest of Jaipur gang, it started raining cats and dogs. Thankfully the rain got over in around half an hour or so, and we could head on over to the pool for some fun.



After this, I went to the roof of the hotel to shoot sunset and while there wasn’t a proper sunset due to cloud cover, I did get a decent photograph of the hotel during blue hour.


After this it was time to get ready for the all-important dinner meet, though quite a few people were already in party mood and sitting in a single room, refusing to budge!


We finally managed to coax everyone into coming downstairs and Bhuwan sir began the all-important work of collecting ids and details for safaris, since they had to be handed over to the vehicle owner.


After this, it was time for the cake cutting ceremony.





After cake and snacks, everyone got busy either eating dinner or drinking in smaller groups and it wasn’t until 1:30am, that I finally hit the bed.

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Yogesh Sarkar

12th April, Morning Safari at Ranthambore National Park

I woke up at around 4:30am and then decide to rest a bit, before waking up 20 minutes later. Took a bath and got ready. Since morning safari was supposed to start after 7am, I went up to the roof to shoot the sunrise. Here I was joined by Hardy; he too had woken up early to photograph the sunrise.

Even though due to cloud cover, sunrise wasn’t going to be a good one and I knew I should have gone at another location (which I went to next day), clouds more than made up for lack of proper sunrise.




While some of the members decide to opt for jeep safari, most of us went for canter, which was now full of BCMTians.

We were assigned gate no. 6 and everyone was in full spirit for the safari. While the guide assigned to us wasn’t that great, company of BCMTians more than made up for it. Plus we did spot a few animals.




After the first half of the safari got over, we went to the picnic area, where we could get off the canter and walk around. While there weren’t any animals around, it made for a great option for portrait photography.






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Beautiful Beautiful Pictures as usual... Great narration..

Now waiting for Amit to speak out how was the surprise for him :p