The Scary experiences thread


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The Scary experiences thread

ok first of all nice thread .

1. manali - chandertaal .ok this accident occurs with me whan i am 22 years of age and i am driving white zen petrol.i am with one of my worker cum friend as he works in our billiards better alone i took him for the ride . we started from rohtak ,reached manali.there i came to know of chandertaal lake year was 2000 .so after spending some days in manali we moved to rohtang and than to batal. road till rohtang is ok but after rohtang to batal very bad road.anyway we are moving on small pace suddenly i saw water is crossing on the road comming from up side of road to the down.i give some race to the car but no use its not going up sometimes slip .i pressed full race and after sometime i smell something is burning and car stops responding , i can start the car and off also but car is not moving a inch , i have no idea what to do .switched off the car and waited for some help. one truck comes and i tell him the problem and after seeing the car he tells the cluctch plate is gone and car will not move now and he god now what there is no one there only stones me and my friend . some vehicle come and go no one is ready to help us.than i got idea we pushed the car in the middle of that so called road and now total road blocks .ab beta kahan jaonge .only one vehicle can pass one time that one another truck comes and towed us to nearby gh which i saw whan we are coming here and left the car there .and than took shared cab and went to batal again to see chandertaal lake travelling kida hai bhai logo kabhi shant nahi hota so we reached batal and terk to chandertaal and see it than took lift in one vehicle till batal who bring some firangs from manali .than from batal go to gh and sleep there .got ams there but somehow sleep ,wake up early morning and took one truck help he charged 3000 rs from us to carry us and our vehicle on to the truck to god knows how we dumped the car in the truck back side and whan we reached manali the car has lots and lots of scrathes on the body front bumper gone .took 4 days to repaint and clutch plate repaired as they dont have it and ordered from mandi.


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1. manali - chandertaal .ok this accident occurs with me whan i am 22 years of age and i am driving white zen petrol.


Deepak, what a wonderful tale told in your own patented style!!

Three cheers!! :grin: You can be a total delinquent when you choose!!


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Deepak, you are growing into a nice story teller !!
BTW, do check dictionary also for the meaning of "Delinquent" !! :p


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Ha haha ha … nice thread, it really succeeded to raise my Goose Bumps once again:).

Scene1: (taken from last week only)

We headed to Agra from Delhi for my friend’s wedding in Scorpio. We took a U-turn towards Kalindi Kunj (now there is an over bridge, from there one has to take a U-turn for Kalindi Kunj), this turn then merged at main traffic line. We drove at 50-60 kph, when my friend had applied brakes to slow down the car as we going merged with the main traffic but to our bad luck breaks didn’t worked. Its truth that problem never comes alone, now the downward slope started and our car gaining speed. Our mind went blank but perhaps ‘na karte ya marte’ wali kahawat strikes in my friend’s mind and within a fraction of time he had lowered the gear from 4-3-2-1 and also drove down the car at Kacchi road (usually in India we have a mud road, along with every main road or highway) where sand made speed further lower. Finally, we were able to stop the car without any casualty.

Problem: The alternator (same part which told you by tsk1979) gone, its ball bearing cut off and it stopped rotating which in turn stopped supply to the electrical of the car.
Never Forgettable moment: The time we knew that the breaks didn’t works.
Silliest Mistake: We had sat dumb with empty minds (thanks to God, we didn’t make chaos).
Special thanks: To my friend and Govt. who put effort in spreading so much sand along with the road, which help us a lot:grin:.

Scene2: (taken from my college days)

We friends planned for a bike trip to Uttaranchal (Uttarakhand now). We were 4 people (me and Ashu on one bike & Neeraj and Sudip on other) on 2 bikes. We were close to Joshimath at 10AM around (this is the time when traffic only from one side allowed to ply but there is no restrictions on two wheelers). At that time traffic was allowed form Badrinath Ji to Joshimath but we were allowed to pass through Joshimath. Every thing went smooth and we were enjoying the ride.
Suddenly a Sumo passed my bike in a very erratic manner, it seems that driver didn’t recognize us on road, never mind I thought and moved ahead. As I took a u-bend, to my horror what I saw that the other bike which was just a turn ahead of me laid aside. I had found that my friend Sudip holds Neeraj’s leg which was hanged head down on the slope and however managed to stop himself skipping down by just holding a bush grown at slope.
We stooped our bike and ran franticly towards them. We had pulled him, but he was in trauma, his breathing was so fast that one can clearly heard the heart beat at a distant from him that time. We took a long rest before proceeding ahead.

Problem: At gate system, nobody care or think that it may possible that somebody coming on the way from opposite direction. I saw and what I believe that the jeep drivers in hills think that they are the masters of road and they never faced any miss happening. They never blow horn and always staring at you such as it’s always our fault only.
Never Forgettable moment: The situation in which I found my friends.
Silliest Mistake: Don’t know.
Special thanks: To almighty God which protects my friends and keep the bike in good condition.

PS: Sorry for my poor grammer.
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If alternator bearing jams leading to belt breakage, all power to brakes goes, but brakes still work, all you need to do is stand on the brake pedal as hard as you can. In a car, you can still get some braking, in a heavy vehicle you need a lead foot. After you slow down to 20-30, pull the hand brake, as it will still work, pressure or no pressure.