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Vikas Kumar
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Apr 23, 2015

Okay, as I got some time so I thought of sharing my experience with you all.. I am not good with writing and also with dates so please bare with me.

Okay, so it was in the month of April. I got a call from my friend Hemant asking about the evening plans. It was a Friday and I was suppose to get free by 2.00 at night. Sat and sunday was an off so I told the same to him. He told me about Bhangarh and asked me if I am interested to vist this place. I was on my system so I put it in Google and I found this place intrested. I instantly said yes. My two friends Hemant and somesh both came to gurgaon around 3:00at night where I was waiting for them. After half an hour of chit chat we sat in the car. I was driving get and soon we were on the highway. We reached ajabgarh around 3:00 in the evening ( what took us so long is a different story so let's leave it here). Ajabgarh. We saw a white Palace and their was a lot of greenery all around. You wouldn't feel like you are in rajasthan which in fact surprised us. We moved own and after a while we entered into the border of Bhangarh and the landscape changed dramatically. Their was no greenery whatsoever. We were approaching towards the Bhangarh fort. As it was the first time we were going their we stopped at few places to ask the route. Every one from whom we asked the route were staring at us like we have made some mistake. Most of them dint even tell us about it when finally one old chap told us that it is just three km after taking the next right. So we moved on. As soon as we took left things started changing. Their was no population whatsoever. Only few Hanuman ji temples here and their. Around 1 km before the fort their was a police check post. They stopped us. One of them asked us about the reason why we came. I told him that we wanted to se the Bhangarh fort. He told us that it is already 4.30 so we should hurry. He also warned us that we should be back before sunset. We moved on and within a minute or two we reached the gate of Bhangarh fort. Their used to be a parking on the left so we parked the car their and started walking towards the Entrance gate.

We reached the gate and i was surprised to see the board which was put on the gate by archaeological survey of india. It states that " It is not allowed to enter the fort before the sunrise and after the suset". We took it as a joke and moved on. It was already 17:00. Before i tell you how i felt inside, i would like to tell that i have done so many crazy things in life and i am afraid of nothing.

So we entered the premisies, near the entry gate on the left I saw a small Hanuman Temple. It was clear that it's a new Cunstruction. We moved on and as soon as we crossed that Hanuman temple i started feeling different. I started feeling a mild headache. I ignored it and we moved on. Before you reach the actual fort you well see the ruins of old shops and houses. You, automaticaly starts feeling sad for no reason. after croosing those ruins, that small passage oppened into an open ground, On the left their, we saw and only Maa Durga temple, after crossing the temple on the let their is an old Lord Shiva Temple. Their is a huge Shiv linga in the temple (When i say huge i actually mean it). Any ways, we started roaming around, explored the place around. After a while we entered the main gate of the fort and it feels crazy inside. I felt like my head has gone even heavier. Their were staires to go up on the gate. I guess it was made for the soldires to climb the gates and keep an eye on the surrounding area as it gives a perfect view of the surrounding. So we took the stairs and climbed on the gate. i felt like a soldier gaurding the fort. Now this was the time when i started feeling that some thing is wrong with this place. I felt that someone just passed behind me but when i turned their was no one. At first I just it but it happened again. This time i felt that some is standing just beside me and i can feel him breathing. And this time it scared the hell out of me. I still controlled my emotions and Ignored it. After a while we heard the gaurd whistling and asking every one to move out of the fort premises as it was already evening and it was getting dark. We had already decided that we will stay in the fort till midmight as we heard that at mid night the entire city (The city inside the Bhangarh fort premisies) goes alive. So we quicking came down from the Gate and started walking towards the Shiv Mandir. We went inside the temple and waited till every body has moved out. The whistling voice had stopped now. We dint want to take chance so we waited inde the Mandir for half an hour more. Once we were sure that every has left we come outside the Mandir. It was already dark. nobody was their and their was a pindrop silence. W took out the bottle which we had in our bag and the drinks session started. After few pegs we decided to go inside the main fort again. Their was a hell lot of negative energy inside and i was able to feel it even when i was drunk. Every now and then i was feeling like some one is either standing beside me or just passed behind. I still Ignored it dint even tell my friends about it as dint want to give them a reason to laough on me.

Any ways some how I managed to stay calm till midnight. It was already 00:30 and nothing exceptional happened. So we discussed it with each other and decided to get out of that place. We started walking back todards the main gate of the premises where archaeological survey of india had put in the board. We first crossed the Maa Durga Temple and soon we were on the path where their were ruins of old shops on both the side. we were walking slowly talking to each other when we felt like their are few people standing on the right around 30 - 35 meters away from us. I told my friends about the same and they also felt the same. I asked my friends to stay calm and if they people say any thing to us then then oney respond and that to with respect. but soon when we reached nearby realized that it was just a Peepal tree. We started feeling a little better. Just as we crossed this peepal tree there was a diversion. The was a passge going left and one going straight. Even tough while comming inside in the evening we never noticed any such diversion we all agreed to take left as we felt that its the correct route to get out. So we took left, it was realy very dark and their was not sign of light for miles. After walking for around 10 min we felt like we are on the wrong track because then we came it dint take that much time. Still we moved on and trust me that after walking for half an hour we reached an open ground. their was a hill just infront of us. and then was relized that we were on the wrong path. We had reached the place where that black magic sorcerer used to live who had cursed Bhangarh "As per a legend there was a black magic sorcerer who cursed the residents of the palace that they all would die an unnatural death and their spirits will stay there for centuries to haunt the fort / kila forever". We all were quite scared now. we still gathered out courage and started walking back. After a while we reached the same diversion and this time we took left again which was the right path. We reached the front gate where the Hanuman temple was. (1.30 am). A pandit was sitting in the temple and chanting some mantras. As soon as he saw us he sarted scolding us. He was very furious. He said that if you guys want to die then why did you come her. Go some where else. Atleast your sprit will rest in peace but if you die here than your spirit will stay here for ever. I managed to calm him down and asked him that if thats the case then why we saw nothing. He tlod me that till the time this Hanuman temple was not established in the premises any body who used to enter the fort used to die but now you only feel the negative energy but only if your stars are not week. If your stars are week you are gonna die. I were really scared now. We quickly moved out, crossed the main gate and wow what a feeling it was. I was feeling normal again. the headache was gone. We sat in our car and got out of that place. Since than, i never planned going back

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singhbg :

@Vikas Bhai, thanks for the story and write up. Indeed a scary one. Place has something unusual for sure, can't describe it in words, this might be because one start thinking of something unusual but for sure I also felt something different around there. It was unusually very calm.



We all had same feelings but we never shared it with each other till the time we dint come out of the fort gate. Most of the people feel the same way inside the fort.

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@Saurabh Mishra
sir ji
how many places you have visited from the above list
sir ji
how many places you have visited from the above list
Nowhere !

Sanjay Van (Delhi) is not that scary.
Never knew till I searched on net.
Otherwise this place I have visited many times 10 years earlier.
Nothing scary at all in daytime.

I am living with a Scary Person from more than 60 days at same place 24 hours.
Is anything scary than this ?
Ghost Exercise !
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