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Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
The Haunted Hoia-Baciu Forest: Raw Drone Footage
•Mar 24, 2019


Wandering Lens Media

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I filmed a lot for the little mini documentary I made on the Hoia-Baciu Forest. This is just the raw footage from my drone. I will upload the on the ground footage from the night time and the day time here soon. Hopefully there will be some creepy EVPs on the ground footage where I had a microphone. I added music to this video just because theres no mic in the drone and pure silence is boring.
Music thanks to CO.AG.


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
Missing In Alaska Enormous Monster Raptor (S1, E11) Full Episode
Samuel Fly

A jogger vanishes from the top of Mt. Marathon in Alaska and a witness describes seeing a monstrous, airplane-sized raptor around the time of the disappearance. Could ancient stories of the Thunderbird be true? In Season 1, Episode 11, "Alaska's Birds Of Slay".

Got it in Dailymotion ^^
There are a lot of accidents in here which I am scared of when talking about the use of motorcycles. There are people who have warned us because of the way how people have grown into staying away from accidents. It is hard to really nail down a proper way of avoiding them but it seems that just going in a safe pace is the best thing to do especially with a motorcycle on slippery roads and other kinds of surfaces.