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Well 2nd june another disturbance is expected. It may be a feeble one, but even few inches of snow can mean no manali leh opening this week too!


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Its actually simple.
Look at this image below
White patches are clouds. Greyish patches are scattered clouds. The thicker the clouds, the more chance of rainfall/snowfall


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Is that the monsoon building up in the SW ? And it looks like very dense cloud over Bengal area? Does that mean monsoon starting there?
Probably so. But I believe that to be more of a cyclone buildup than the monsoon clouds. BTW Monsoon has officially started from today at the Kerala coastal belts.


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monsoon has broken over kerala. As for the satellite image, it will update automatically every hour or so.


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The European weather agencies are at slight variance with IMD about the progress of the SW monsoon - they feel that the 2nd June westerly disturbance will re-direct the monsoon onslaught to the Saurashtra coast in an intense form.


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A cyclone alert has already been sounded for 2/3rd june for Gujarat. Hope the storm doesn't intensify a lot, but am afraid lookin at the pictures :(