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Fairly widespread rain expected in Goa.
Not so good news on Kashmir front.

"Fresh western disturbance expected from June 2, and this will last for 4-5 days".

Rain and snow expected mostly in J&K and scattered over Himachal.

Look at that whopper of a cloud system approaching. This weekend may see pass closure again


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Look at this page
Animation of INSAT Images
Put gap as 200ms, and number of images as 48.
This will show you an animation with half hourly images.
It will clearly show how the western disturbance is moving towards kashmir.
Cloud motion vectors indicate that himachal may be spared, but you never know. its only by tomorrow morning things will be more clear!


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Tanveer, this animation is just awesome. Thanks for the link and for sharing it with all.


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The western disturbance is turning out to be somewhat feeble.
Yes, JK may get quite a bit of rainfall, esp west JK which includes srinagar, but himachal may be spared.
Hanle webcame image taken few minutes before this post was made shows nice clear skies.
Hope it stays this way


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At last a good news for Manali - Leh highway, but i'm worried about Srinagar - Leh route.
Tanveer, dont forget to gimme ur bsnl mobile no.


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Since IMD is down, I am putting in the satellite image from

Weather bulletin June 2 Night
Scattered rain/thundershowers would occur over Jammu & Kashmir and isolated over rest western Himalayan region during next 24 hours and increase thereafter.

Elsewhere, Gujrat etc., are going to get very heavy rains due to cyclone "phet"