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Start Jan 2019 with bang
Back to Back or should i say B2B two WD approaching,
one will give snowfall on 1 Jan 2018 and 2nd will give snowfall on 5 Jan 2019

so if you were waiting and crying for snowflakes to fall on your head, then this is the time to be in the Himalayas.

I can't say about snowfall at Dalhousie, Dharamkot, Shimla, which are lower in altitude, but may get lucky for snowfall along this line,
anyone who is beyond this line will will certainly have a great experience with snowfall.

Looks like even the weather gods have started B2B weather.

WARNING : Conditions will be ripe for Black Ice, so if you see some car slipping and skidding far ahead of you, better stop far away, cause if you try to bypass, be sure someone from behind or ahead will skid right into you.





We had a WD giving snowfall on 1 and 2 Jan 2019, then another following close behind on 4 Jan, and now we have a 3rd following immediately behind and will reach us on 8 Jan 2019.

So brace yourself, carry adequate water and snacks if you stuck somewhere, specially if you have kids with you, cause rescue can take a while depending where you are.

This will further aggravate black ice conditions, so be careful. Drive safe, and snow on snow, cause below that pretty fluffy layer of fresh snow could be Black Ice.

This is the snowfall forecast for 8 Jan 2019, and by tomorrow we should have a more clear picture of its intensity.


Fog was in Sonipat to Panipat today morning.

Tomorrow or today evening WD arriving so fog will reduce or vanish till WD passes over and then wait for the real fog. It will be intense. Cause after WD crosses over you have clear skies and radiation cooling takes place and temp drop. Perfect for wide spread fog......



Today 6 Jan 2019

Guys who are in Shimla toady will get a good dose of snowfall. Have Fun.
but those who are reaching Shimla today, be ready for huge traffic Jams

Narkanda is the place to be in, it is higher and will get more snowfall.

WARNING. be careful of others who would be skidding and will hit your vehicle. So when you see bad conditions on the road, slow down, and if you see cars skidding well ahead of you, stop where you are.