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Sorry to nitpick, but might I suggest that the spelling be corrected to 'Meteorology'? Metrology is the science of measurement.

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Guys it is raining good(continously) for the past 9 hours here in Chandigarh, what is the status up there in hills?

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What are the current weather updates on MLH? Are we expecting rain/snow in the upcoming week?
Hi Manish, as of now, weather seems to be clear with no adverse warning for the next couple of days.....even the satellite images are also reflecting the same..


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Multiple updates

First the western disturbance of J&K persists, but its moving away eastwards

However forecast says isolated rain.
As for the monsoon, its delayed. Met dept is tight lipped, saying no issues, but that they said last year also(govt won't let them forewarn). Last year we had 25% deficiency

On the good news front today morning 7:30am keylong had 11 degrees temp. So heat is up, and snows should be melting!


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Forecast now says rain expected at many places in JK/HP today, and few places thereafter. So ride safe everyone. Baralacha la is expected to be pounded again.
Hopefully, road will remain open.