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25-26 February mosam news || मौसम न्यूज़ हमेशा | मौसम ख़बर हिंदी में | 25-26 फरवरी मौसम जानकारी


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Published on Feb 24, 2019

  1. आंध्र प्रदेश मौसम की जानकारी
  2. अरुणाचल प्रदेश मौसम की जानकारी
  3. असम मौसम की जानकारी
  4. बिहार मौसम की जानकारी
  5. छत्तीसगढ़ मौसम की जानकारी
  6. गोवा मौसम की जानकारी
  7. 8.गुजरात मौसम की जानकारी
  8. हरियाणा मौसम की जानकारी
  9. हिमाचल प्रदेश मौसम की जानकारी
  10. जम्मू और कश्मीर मौसम की जानकारी
  11. झारखण्ड मौसम की जानकारी
  12. कर्णाटक मौसम की जानकारी
  13. केरल मौसम की जानकारी
  14. मध्य प्रदेश मौसम की जानकारी
  15. महाराष्ट्र मौसम की जानकारी
  16. मणिपुर मौसम की जानकारी
  17. मेघालय मौसम की जानकारी
  18. मिज़ोरम मौसम की जानकारी
  19. नागालैण्ड मौसम की जानकारी
  20. ओड़िशा मौसम की जानकारी
  21. पंजाब मौसम की जानकारी
  22. राजस्थान मौसम की जानकारी
  23. सिक्किम मौसम की जानकारी
  24. तमिलनाडु मौसम की जानकारी
  25. 26. तेलंगाना मौसम की जानकारी
  26. त्रिपुरा मौसम की जानकारी
  27. उत्तर प्रदेश मौसम की जानकारी
  28. उत्तराखण्ड मौसम की जानकारी
  29. पश्चिम बंगाल मौसम की जानकारी
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  5. #Chhattisgarh forecast details
  6. Goa forecast details
  7. 8.Gujarat forecast details
  8. #Haryana forecast details
  9. Himachal Pradesh forecast details
  10. #Jammu aur Kashmir forecast details
  11. Jharkhand forecast details
  12. #Karnataka forecast details
  13. Card and take a look at the
  14. Central region forecast details
  15. #Maharashtra forecast details
  16. #Manipur forecast details
  17. Meghalaya forecast details
  18. Migom forecast details
  19. Nagaland forecast details
  20. Odisha forecast details
  21. #Punjab forecast details
  22. #Rajasthan forecast details
  23. 24. Sikkim forecast details
  24. Rains forecast details
  25. Nadu Telangana forecast details
  26. #Tripura forecast details
  27. UttarPradesh forecast details
  28. Uttarakhand rains that take a look at the
  29. West Bengal and take a look at the
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Start planning your road trip for a lot of snow heading this way on Sunday.
It will off course start on Saturday.
So start making your plans as to who is going where.......


@ RT


15:20 Tremors hit Palghar again, this time measuring 4.3: Tremors of 4.3 magnitude jolted parts of Palghar district in Maharashtra on Friday, an official said. The intensity of tremors is the highest recorded in the region since November last year, the official said. Parts of Palghar district, especially Dahanu and Talasari talukas, have been experiencing such tremors routinely since November. The last round of tremors was witnessed on February 20.

"Today, the tremors were experienced at 11.14 am. It measured 4.3 on the Richter scale, which is the maximum for the last four months," Regional Disaster Management Cell (RDMC) chief Santosh Kadam said.

"The epicentre was once again Dundalwadi village in Dahanu taluka, which has become the worst affected region as far as tremors are concerned," he added.

The tremors were recorded by the India Meteorological Department (IMD). Due to the constant fear of earthquake, residents of the villages in Dahanu and Talasari talukas have been spending day out of the house and taking shelter in makeshift tents. -- PTI

LIVE! Abhinandan's convoy likely to reach Attari at 6 pm - India News


Planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh, be alert! High chances of snowfall in Shimla, Kufri, Manali

Updated Mar 01, 2019 | 13:21 IST | IANS

Himachal Pradesh weather updates: Shimla recorded at 1.2 degrees Celsius while it was minus 3.8 degrees in Manali.

Shimla: If you are heading to Himachal Pradesh this weekend, be alert: the weatherman on Friday predicted widespread rains and snowfall in the next two days. The government has warned tourists not to venture to high hills as chances of roads snapping owing to rain and snow are more. Motorists are being told to be cautious while driving in the interiors as chances of road cave-ins and landslides are high.

"There are chances of widespread rainfall and snow on March 2-3 with the active western disturbances. Thereafter, the weather will be dry," an India Meteorological Department official told IANS.

Keylong in Lahaul and Spiti district coldest place
He said chances of snow in tourist resorts Shimla, Kufri, Narkanda, Kalpa, Manali and Dalhousie were high. The minimum temperature in Shimla was recorded at 1.2 degrees Celsius while it was minus 3.8 degrees in Manali.

Keylong in Lahaul and Spiti district was the coldest place in the state where the minimum temperature was 11.2 degrees Celsius below freezing level. Kalpa in Kinnaur district saw a low of minus 4.6 degrees Celsius while it was minus 0.5 degree Celsius in Dalhousie and 4.6 degrees Celsius in Dharamsala. the abode of the Dalai Lama.



Watch: Srinagar receives fresh spell of snowfall


ANI News

Published on Mar 1, 2019

Srinagar (J&K), Mar 02 (ANI): The Kashmiri Valley including the Srinagar city received fresh snowfall in the month of March. The fresh spell of snowfall brought cheers to the people in the Valley. The Kashmiris were eagerly waiting for the snowfall and will help the farmers as their agriculture and orchards were left very dry. It will also increase the water level of rivers in the Kashmir Valley.


Delhi experiences coldest March night in 40 years
There could be another dip in temperatures once the next western disturbance passes off, though officials believe it won’t fall to such levels and hover around 9 degrees Celsius.
DELHI Updated: Mar 02, 2019 10:07 IST
HT Correspondent

HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times, New Delhi
Delhi,Delhi winter,winter night

Delhi experienced its coldest March night in 40 years, with the minimum temperature being recorded at 6.8 degrees Celsius for the second consecutive day on Friday . (Sanchit Khanna/HT PHOTO)
Delhi experienced its coldest March night in 40 years, with the minimum temperature being recorded at 6.8 degrees Celsius for the second consecutive day on Friday as an unusually longer winter stretched on.
This is approximately 6 degrees Celsius lower than what is typically seen at this time of the year, qualifying the weather to be classified as a cold wave, officials at the weather department said. A cold wave is when the minimum temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius and it deviates by more than five degrees from the normal low expected for that period.
“This is the third coldest night in 118 years and the coldest night in 40 years in the month of March,” said BP Yadav, deputy director general of India Meteorological Department (IMD), attributing the phenomenon to after effects of snowfall in mountains up north recently.
“The western disturbance that had hit Delhi-NCR [National Capital Region] and other parts of northwest India early this week triggered snow in the hills and hail in the plains of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. Now that the disturbance has passed, strong northerly winds are blowing and bringing that chill. Hence the temperature has dropped,” Yadav said.

The maximum temperature was 24.1 degrees Celsius, 3 degrees below normal.
The IMD has, however, said the cold will relent over the next few days as another western disturbance approaches.

“The minimum temperature is expected to rise and reach 11 degrees Celsius over the next few days because of an approaching western disturbance. The day temperature is likely to drop by a few degrees. There are chances of light rain and thundershower on March 2 and March 3,” said an IMD official.
There could be another dip in temperatures once the next western disturbance passes off, though officials believe it won’t fall to such levels and hover around 9 degrees Celsius.
In 2018, Delhi had witnessed the third coldest December in 50 years — after 2005 and 1996. IMD data showed the average monthly minimum temperature in December 2018 was 6.7 degrees Celsius.

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The western disturbance on March 2 and 3 will be the fifteenth of the season, surpassing the usual five-six seen every winter. This despite the IMD having forecast last year that this would be a warmer winter due to the influence of El Nino over the Pacific Ocean.
Officials have attributed the weakening of the Polar Vortex — a system of very cold winds that remain in the Arctic Circle — to the increased frequency of western disturbances. The weaker Polar Vortex has made the temperature colder in the northern hemisphere, pushing up the divergence with the temperatures in the southern hemisphere. This leads to formation of western disturbances that form somewhere over the Mediterranean and sweep over parts of West Asia into India.
First Published: Mar 02, 2019 10:06 IST

Delhi experiences coldest March night in 40 years